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Balance Transfer Plans Fall 2014

In my last post I updated our credit card debt and also mentioned that I plan on doing some balance transfers as soon as possible. Here is where we are at regarding our credit card debt: Chase I (Formerly AMEX) is now $5724 (Currently 0% interest – promotion ends 12-14) Chase II is now $6663 (Currently 8.99% interest) Chase III (Business debt) $5041 (Currently 0% interest – promotion ends 12-14) Bank of America $661 (Currently 9.5% interest) Grand total credit… Read the rest
Kevin Watts Graduating from Debt

Should Students Get a Credit Card for University?

Today I have a guest post from Kevin Watts who writes at Graduating from Debt. Kevin graduated from college with $12,000 in student loans and has a strong desire to get rid of his debt.  Let’s see what he to say about students getting a credit card for college. So, you are starting a new chapter in your life, one with more independence, and more financial independence. Having a credit card is a positive step towards financial independence; it is… Read the rest
Pile of Credit Cards

Your Credit Score Can Affect More Than Just Your Credit

If you’ve ever tried to get a credit card, a car loan, or a mortgage, you know the importance of having a healthy FICO score. The score is determined by assessing your bill-paying history, the types of accounts you already hold, if you have any accounts in collections, the age of any current accounts, your outstanding debt, and the number of credit accounts you currently have. This score impacts the amount of credit a lender is willing to extend to… Read the rest

Nifty Credit Card Transfer Trick

As you know, I am not a fan of credit card debt.  But recently I found myself advising a friend to apply for a low interest credit card.  He’d had to make some equipment purchases over the first few months of being hired at his new job.  He really had no other choice but to put it on his only credit card, which unfortunately happened to accrue 19.5% interest. This amounted to over a hundred dollars of interest every month. … Read the rest