How to Get a Statement and Reconcile Your PayPal Business Account

This tutorial assumes that you know how to reconcile a checking account using Quickbooks, and also that you are familiar with Microsoft Excel.

I know that a lot of people don’t take the time to reconcile their accounts, but when you are running a business it is a mandatory chore that has to get done. Whether it’s you the business owner that does it, or your accountant, someone has to do it.  Especially if you are required to collect sales tax and turn them over to your county, city or state.  I learned my lesson with Mr. A’s business one month when I filed his taxes before I reconciled the bank account.  As it turns out, a deposit had been made but I did not get a copy of the invoice, so the transaction had not been entered into Quickbooks.  I ended up having to resubmit, and you cannot do that online, it has to be done on paper. It’s not that big of a deal, just one more hassle and taught me an important lesson. NEVER pay sales tax without reconciling the accounts!

I’ve been struggling with reconciling my business PayPal account… I have tried several ways to reconcile and have finally settled upon a process which is working for me. If you have a better way, please do share!

With a regular bank or credit union, every month you get a statement which tells you how much money was in the account at the beginning of the month, as well as on the last day.  The statement also includes a record of every transaction which occurred during the month.

You can obtain this information from PayPal, but not very easily.  Not only is the information hard to get at, but once you have it on your screen, don’t dare print it out as it will be so tiny you’ll need a magnifying glass.  There are also duplicate and triplicate transactions which will confuse you to no end, especially if you have amounts that recur on a regular basis.

All right, let’s get started.  First you’ll want to log into PayPal.

Now click on History, and on the drop down menu, click on Reports as shown in the screenshot below.

PayPal reconciliation

Once you get there, you’ll want to click on the Monthly Financial Summary.

PayPal reconciliation 2

Choose a month from the drop down menu.  And click on the orange button titled View Report.


Okay, this section is where you will be able to get the beginning and ending balances.


Look to the right and you’ll see a link that says View Details.


While you are viewing the details, you will have a few options.  You can choose to view the details 10 lines at a time (clicking the arrow to go to the next 10) or you can download the report.  The default option is PDF which I would not advise using for two reasons. First, I have 20/20 vision with my prescription glasses but it is very difficult to see this report in size 6 or smaller font on paper.  Second, there is extraneous data will be confusing as you are attempting to reconcile.

I suggest you download the report as an Excel spreadsheet.


It will help if you are familiar with Excel for this next step.

Create a new column on the far right and name it SortNo. Then fill the cells all the way down with 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on. This will allow you to re-sort the spreadsheet back to the correct order.

Select All, and sort by Type.  Delete all “Funds Released” and “Authorized Funds”.  I have found that these are just extraneous negative and positive numbers and they just confuse matters.

I find that they occur because of a debit card purchase.  If I shop at Amazon, a local grocery store, etc., these additional transactions will show up.  First you’ll see Authorized Funds Held, this happens when you make the purchase.  Usually the next day (but sometimes not for a couple days) you’ll see the Debit Card Payment Completed and perhaps that day or a couple days later you’ll see the Funds Released.  I delete all of the Authorized Funds Held and Funds Released (these are greyed out in the screenshot below) from the spreadsheet.


Use the SortNo column to sort back into the correct order.

Now you have basically a statement which will allow you to reconcile your PayPal business account.

As far as I know, this process would also work for a personal PayPal account.  To be honest with you, my personal PayPal account is one of the few accounts that I manage that I do not reconcile.  I use it so little there is really no need.

Do you reconcile your PayPal Business or Premier account?

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15 thoughts on “How to Get a Statement and Reconcile Your PayPal Business Account

  1. It’s SUCH a hassle to elicit a PayPal statement that shows the balance that I tend to put it off. And then when you do manage to get what you need, often stuff you know has gone through doesn’t show or things show that haven’t gone through…cuh-RAZy-making.

    In fact, I now have my accountant reconcile the PP account. She requires me to extract the PP statement…for obvious reasons.
    Funny about Money recently posted..How to Annoy the Queen of the Universe…and other weekend exploitsMy Profile


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Oh goodness!! Your accountant makes you retrieve the statement? LOL! My husband suggested I find an accountant to deal with PayPal and I find it so confusing I just don’t know how I could put that on anyone else. Every time I sit down to work on it I hope I can find an easier way. I tried downloading the data straight from PayPal and that made a terrible mess. I don’t know if I did something drastically wrong but I won’t try that again unless it’s in a test database. I’m still looking for an easier way to do this, but so far this has been the best and I didn’t want to forget how to recreate it next month!


    Funny about Money Reply:

    @Mrs. Accountability,

    I think she’d prefer not to have the password, which makes sense: there’s a fiduciary risk there, especially if someone hacked the account.

    If you’d like to get her contact info, call me or e-mail and I’ll be happy to share. Abby is already hiring her…she’s just great.
    Funny about Money recently posted..Things You Should Know About…and a Song for GeorgeMy Profile


  2. I recently had to do this for work and it was such a mess trying to sort it once I downloaded the Excel file. I miss being able to download the Quicken file and upload it directly – SO much easier!!! Paypal had a ridiculous amount of duplicate numbers for the same transactions. Great tutorial, especially noting the field types to delete.
    Angella recently posted..Family & Money Situations ; Part 3My Profile


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Hi Angella, isn’t it awful!? I just dread the monthly reconciliation but it has to be done. The duplications are confusing! I’m glad you found it helpful. Thanks for visiting and commenting! 🙂


  3. I find it very confusing to reconcile my paypal account in QB. I have now opened another paypal account that I will use just for my ‘purchases’ so that it might help me not mix up purchases with income. It’s not a matter of entering in all of my transactions in QB, cause I enter those in daily, but the problem with paypal is that on their reports and bookkeeping statements, they enter in the balance to include the amounts that you’ve paid for with your checking account and not your paypal balance. This is so damn confusing and frustrating. I have no idea why they do this?! I will wait a few weeks to see if this clears up, and check my paypal balance again. All of the transactions I have entered, so I know my balance is correct, it’s just a matter of waiting for paypal to clear their balance. Does anyone have a solution?


  4. I see this was written a few years ago. With the new layout of Paypal’s website, what are the new names of the rows I should be deleting? I am assuming it is “Reversal Of General Account Hold” and “Account Hold For Open Authorization”?


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