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Save Money by Changing Your Car’s Windshield Wipers & Air Filter Yourself

A few months ago I had to take the company van in for new tires.  As I waited, I happened to overhear one customer was paying $30 for an air filter change – WHAT?  Yes, that $30 included the air filter, but cost is almost certainly overpriced for a service anyone could do.  It does depend on what kind of vehicle you drive as air filters vary in price.  I am by no means a mechanic or a car guru,… Read the rest
Kindle Latest Gen retrofit for the M-Edge Guardian Case

Reading Books on the Cheap

Seems that lately my co-workers have caught the reading bug – probably from the new wave of Kindles and Nooks coming out.  We sometimes compare notes on our favorites during lunch.  Last week, one of my co-workers confessed she was spending about $50 a month on books, to which we all gasped and asked how she could possibly spend that much.  As it turns out she buys every book new from a local bookstore.  I did the math quickly and… Read the rest

Saving Money on Coffee at Your Business

I’ve been working for the same company for thirteen years.  For the first decade I didn’t have much to do with ordering but some people have left, position duties have shifted and my boss has been handing some tasks over to me.  I wrote before about ordering from Costco business which has been a huge time saver.  I actually used to do the shopping in person – for huge amounts like 10 cases of soda, 15 cases of bottled water,… Read the rest