Bank Deposits Using Your Smart Phone

Banking is getting easier and easier.  Last week I stopped by the ATM to withdraw $40 to pay back my boss.  I’d forgotten my wallet at home the previous day and had to get gas on my way home.  As I was withdrawing my cash, I remembered I had a check that I needed to deposit.  I noticed on the screen there were simple instructions, basically all I had to do was sign the back and slide it into the machine.  So simple!  And the bank hadn’t even opened for the day.

cell-phone As I was driving to work, I wondered if my bank has the option yet for electronically depositing checks, you know, snap a picture of the check with your cell phone and deposit your check?  I put in a call to my bank and within a couple of minutes I was signed up. The possibilities this opens are endless!  My husband’s business banking services recently notified us that we now have that option, all we have to do is download the application to his phone. This is going to make depositing checks so much easier!  The nearest branch is 15 miles away, and there have been some days when we have had to drive into town just to deposit a check which had been received by mail or for a job Mr. A had completed close to home.  Ideally we combine the trip to the bank with other errands, but sometimes it was vitally important to get the check deposited right away.

With all these changes and improvements to make banking easier, in direct contrast, at my job, we are still doing nearly everything the old fashioned way.  For one thing, we don’t have direct deposit for our payroll checks.  If you want direct deposit you have to first have an account with the same bank that we do business with.  Next, each payday you need to sign the back of your check and fill out the deposit slip, and one person takes the checks to the bank and deposits them.  I realized that I don’t even need to take my payroll check to the bank now, I can just log into the phone application, take a photo of the check and voila!  Money in the bank!

This new option is definitely a time saver.


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