My Guest Post at Blogelina’s Summarizing My Experience With the 100 Comment Event

I Heart 100 Comments

A few weeks ago I participated in an event at Blogelina’s and today she has graciously allowed me to guest post at her blog with my post 6 Things I Learned From Participating in Blogelina’s 100 Comments Event.

The post I participated in the event was10 Things We Hate Spending Our Hard [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Could I Please Speak to an American?

A few days ago while driving home from work – using my headset so that I could keep both hands on the steering wheel, of course – I was making phone calls.  One was to determine the process we will be going through to move Mr. A’s cell [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

8 Insider Tips To Outsmart Your Credit Card Issuer And Save Big on Interest

Pile of Credit Cards

Today I have a guest post from Bill Hazelton, CEO and Founder of Credit Card Assist.  Bill interviewed me in his Best of the Best Bloggers Series in January, and today he is going to share some tips for reduce your interest rates on your credit cards.  It [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Have You Ever Used MagicJack Plus?

MagicJack Plus

I decided to try out MagicJack Plus a couple of weeks ago.  I received the equipment in the mail, but I have not hooked it up yet.  I began looking into it because our broadband service provider has decided to discontinue the VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) line that we’ve had for [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

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