Millionaires Paying More Taxes? Really?


This is a guest post from Mr. Accountability.

By now you have probably heard about President Obama’s newest government debt scheme which is supposed to lower our deficit and help reduce our debt by implementing the Buffet Rule.


No household making more than $1 million each year should pay [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Have You Completed Your Income Taxes or Will You File an Extension?

Self Employed TAX Solutions Book by June Walker

Have you completed your taxes?  I’ll be filing an extension.   For all of my life until a couple of years ago I’ve always filed before April 15th.  Always.  But since Mr. A has his own business, and I have a few side gigs I have decided I will take my time instead [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Easily Export a Report from Amazon on How Much You Bought From Them

Last month I wrote a post called Arizona Use Tax for Online Purchases pointing out that Arizona has included a line on the tax form for 2011 where we can easily pay our use tax.  Use tax is applied to purchases made out of state (online) for items which will be [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Find a Credit Card That Works For You

Credit Cards Image

The following is a guest post.

Credit cards and chainsaws have a few things in common. Both can be very handy tools, but they can also inflict some severe damage if you use either tool incorrectly. The same advice applies to both. Be sure that you choose the proper tool for the [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

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