Gift Ideas for Those Hot Chili Pepper Lovers

There are those of us who love hot sauce, and then there are those whose eyes water when eating mild Taco Bell sauce.  That always makes me chuckle since mild Taco Bell sauce tastes like ketchup to me. Count me in the group that loves hot sauce.  My mother makes a fantastic salsa by [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Great Homemade Christmas Gifts That You Can Make Yourself

Jingle Bell Jar - Craft Idea

When you’re making homemade gifts, obviously you need to know the person fairly well or you might end up annoying them.   I would say typically frugal or older people would be more inclined to appreciate homemade gifts.  Moms especially tend to love homemade gifts, at least in our family.  🙂  My mom is always [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

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