Be Sure to Open All Your Christmas Cards

On Christmas Day I was cleaning out my closet.  No, I’m not a neat freak, it just so happened on Christmas Day I felt a little more energetic than usual and thought I would spend a little time organizing the shelves that Mr. A put in our bedroom last weekend.  I was organizing my [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Christmas Memories – Please Share Yours!

Last Friday was our staff Christmas party and the ladies at my table got to talking about what Christmas was like in years past, as children and later on as parents.   We got around to the topic of the cost of Christmas and most of us grew up in rather poor households.  We all [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Calculate The Mortgage Payment You Can Afford

The House That Grandpa Built

When you begin to look for your dream home it can be intoxicating walking through house after house, envisioning the future in each one, but it pays to keep your head out of the clouds when you’re contemplating taking on debt for thirty years.  One important thing to realize is that you want enough [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Review: Flameless Candles Set a Safe Romantic Mood

Flameless Wax Candles

Several weeks ago Mr. A found several of these new flameless wax candles marked down on clearance at Lowe’s to three dollars each.   I had never seen them before but suddenly they seem to be popping up all over, I’ve seen them recently in Costco as well as at a couple of grocery stores.


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