DirecTV Upgrades Me Without Telling Me About It

I had this vague memory of posting here at my blog about getting three new satellite boxes from DirecTV but I cannot find the post! I guess I never posted about it.

Okay, so the back story first.  A couple of months ago I wanted to watch a Pay Per View movie.  I looked at the movies available and there were only three or four and those were duplicated several times.  I had found that to be the case a couple of other times, but got busy with something else and never followed up on why there were so few movies available on Pay Per View. But this time, I was really in the mood to spend five bucks and watch a movie.

So I called DirecTV and asked them why they had so few movies available with Pay Per View – there used to be at least a couple dozen.

I got the runaround about how since I don’t have a phone line hooked up to my that I can’t order with my remote and I’d have to go online to make my selection.

It was obvious the guy was working from a script and my request was an uncommon one. He came up with a couple other non-answers for me, which I rejected, and finally said he would have to elevate my call to the next tier.

The next person I spoke with informs me I can’t see the movies because my receivers are too old.  She says mine are outdated and she can send me three new receivers to replace my old ones and it will only cost me twenty dollars in shipping.

Mr. A didn’t want the new receivers, but I had already agreed to have them shipped.

They arrive a few days later, and AJ helped me get the one in the living room set up. We had to get DirecTV on the phone and they had to reset the receiver and then we were set.

A couple hours later I sat down to see how the new receiver worked and what do you know?  I couldn’t see the Pay Per View movies again!

I put in another call to DirecTV and after explaining the situation to the representative she asks me, “Is your television high definition?”  I told her I had no idea, but it’s an old television, at least 8 years old, so she said it most likely was not high definition. Then she tells me I can’t watch movies in high definition, even with the new receivers.

She then explained that the movies for high definition were in the early 100s and that’s why my channels jump from early 100s into the 160s.  Now starting in the 160s, she said is where I would be able to see the Pay Per View movies that my television can display.  I said, “But it doesn’t say PPV, it says CINE, isn’t that Cinemax?”  She said she was confused by that also, but it stands for CINEMA.


We had new receivers shipped for no reason whatsoever.

I’m out of time for now, please come back tomorrow and I’ll share the rest of the story.

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