I Can’t Find My Code for TaxCut That I Bought From Amazon

Last night, we were trying to get AJ’s income tax return submitted by e-file.

I found the box for TaxCut and entered the code… but I got a message that the code was invalid.

I tried again. So then I started looking at the box more carefully, and realized that it was last year’s software! No wonder the number was wrong!

Then I started looking and looking for this year’s software. I couldn’t find it. I went through everything on my desk, I spent half an hour looking for it.  I was getting so irritated and disgusted with myself. How could I have LAST YEAR’S box right by my computer, but not THIS YEAR’S?

AJ helped me looked, we couldn’t find it.

Finally, I went in and sat on the bed beside Mr. A and I started to tell him my horrible story.

Then I got a flash, as I started to tell him what was going on… I think I ordered the software from Amazon as a download this year!  Yes, I think that’s what I did!

Now, where would the code be? I started searching my inbox and found the email from Amazon, but no hint about the code whereabouts. I logged in to Amazon, and couldn’t find anything about a code with my order.

So I did a quick Google search, and got a hint, which helped me to figure out where to find the code.

Log into Amazon, go to My Account, go to View Digital Orders, click View Order, now at that screen you should see a button that says, “Go to your Games and Software Library”.

That’s where I found the code.

Whew.  I submitted AJ’s return and went to bed!!

Have you finished your taxes yet?

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4 thoughts on “I Can’t Find My Code for TaxCut That I Bought From Amazon

  1. Well that was harrowing!

    I just finished ours last night. And since I’m self-employed, we got the nice surprise of the “Making Work Pay” credit. So we owed over $300 less than expected! That went straight to the credit card. Hooray!


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