Make Your Own Knitting Needles

This is a very fun project and I love my wooden knitting needles for making scarves.

One of my nieces was watching me knit a scarf, and was interested in learning to knit. We improvised with a pair of pencils that she wrapped with electrical tape at the ends. She did really good so I wanted to learn how to teach her better. I found this site, Maggie’s Rags. She suggested that children learn finger knitting first, and also recommended to start with “good quality worsted weight wool yarn”, and wooden needles.

Maggie then gave a brief description of how to make a pair of wooden needles. I have a friend that made her own wooden needles, and so I wanted to try it, too. And I thought it would be a really fun project to do with my 7yo niece.

So, I went to Joann’s and wandered around, looking for the right items.

Here is a photo of all the things I ended up buying to use to make the wooden needles:
Supplies to Make Wooden Knitting Needles

The items as listed:


Good Quality Metal Pencil Sharpener $2.99
Good Quality Metal Pencil Sharpener
Jewelry Designer Beads $3.99
Jewelry Designer Beads
Sandpaper Block (12 pieces of fine sandpaper attached) $0.99
Sandpaper Block (12 pieces of fine sandpaper attached) $0.99
Craft Dowels 3/8" x 12" $0.99
Craft Dowels 3/8″ x 12″ $0.99

I really had to look at all the beads to find some that had bigger sized holes. I had originally selected a larger 5/8″ dowel, but the holes were far too small and I knew it would take a lot of sanding to make the dowel small enough, so I opted for the 3/8″ dowels.

Sharpened Tips
Sharpened Tips

Once I got home, I used the sharpener to make a point on one of the dowels. I then used the sandpaper block (you could use any kind of fine sandpaper but that was the only sandpaper I could find at Joann’s) to smooth the rough edges just made by the sharpener, and to dull the point. I also sanded any other rough spots on the dowel.

Next, I chose the matching beads I wanted to use. The hole was much too small to fit over the unpointed end of the dowel, so I began sanding it carefully on the last 1/2″ or so of the dowel. I would sand a while, then try the bead. It took several tries to finally have the dowel sanded down narrow enough to push the bead on. I made sure the fit was tight, as I did not want to have to bother with gluing the dowel on.

Ends of Needles
Ends of Needles

Okay, here’s the finished product:

The needles, I LOVE the beads!

And here is the scarf I made using these same needles.
Knitted Scarf

Have you ever made your own knitting needles?

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6 thoughts on “Make Your Own Knitting Needles

  1. Cool project. Now if I just learned to knit! 🙂


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Stephanie: It’s not very hard to do at all! I taught myself to knit about four years ago. I was a crocheter before that, and it was impossible for me to learn “regular” knitting which I guess they call English style. I am a continental knitter because it was more natural for me to hold the needles and yarn in a way that I was accustomed due to crocheting all those years (since I was five years old!). Thank you for visiting and commenting! Mrs. A


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