Check Your Automatic Payment Addresses

Gosh darnit, I forget who said this in their blog recently, but someone mentioned if you make automatic payments using a service such as BillPay, make sure the address hasn’t changed.

AJ and I went to Q&A at our place of worship last Sunday night and on the way home I stopped to fill up the tank. $3.53/gallon. I’m glad it’s going down a little. I left home without either of my two main bank cards. I happened to have two others with me. Both cards that I don’t use because we’re trying to pay them off. AJ brought his new cards with him, and he thought he’d gotten both cards authorized, but when he put the card he was sure he’d done into the machine it said, “See cashier”. I ended up using one of the credit cards, and determined to make a payment immediately to the credit card company. I did that on Monday. I had a pile of receipts to enter into Quicken and instead of looking through them all, I just went to my bank online and made a $60 payment (the receipt was between $55 and $57). [Update: I found the receipt, it was for $56.15.]

I remembered that blogger saying to check the mailing address. I don’t usually mail payments to this credit card, they are automatically withdrawn by the credit union credit card company from my checking account.

In fact, I didn’t think the address was in my list of payees. But it was. I checked the address, and the PO box number had changed! I am glad I looked!

AJ’s cards and free checks arrived a few days ago. Only one little problem… he is supposed to be the only one listed on the checks, but we are both listed! That’s a problem, and he’s going to call the gal who signed him up and see if she can do anything to rectify that problem. I think she should have asked us, instead of assuming. It looks as if AJ has a wife, and she coincidentally has the same name as his mother. I think not!

Yours Truly,

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2 thoughts on “Check Your Automatic Payment Addresses

  1. Hmm that is a good idea. Too often we just assume our BillPay will get our bills to the right destination, but when an address changes, that wouldn’t be the case. Wow I hadn’t thought about that. Thanks for posting about it.


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    I am really amazed at how often I’m finding addresses that have changed on credit card billings! I do the accounts payable at my job and it has happened several times. I think it might be one more way for them to “scam” us. Thanks for your comment!


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