I Can’t Believe I’ve Done It Again

I’ve lost a check. This isn’t the first time I’ve done this. This one is for $220!!!!!

I have these crystal clear memories of the check:

  1. opening the check when it arrived in the mail
  2. bringing it into the house with the rest of the mail
  3. our youngest son looking at it and asking about it
  4. Tuesday morning I thought I should get the check and get it into my purse so we could get it deposited into the bank
  5. I looked for the check, and found itstill with the rest of the mail sitting on the counter
  6. I remember thinking to myself, “Ah, there it is. I had better take this with us.”

After that, it’s like total amnesia. I have absolutely no memory of what I did with it, nor where I put it. The most likely place would have been my purse, my camera bag, or my “stuff” bag that I carry with me every day. I’ve been through all three bags and cannot find the check. It is driving me nuts wondering what I did with it. I’ve laid down and meditated on it, trying to retrace my steps. Mr. A and our youngest son have looked for it.

I’m to the point where I’m starting to think the memory of finding it, and actually picking it up must have been a dream. I must have been dreaming.

In the process of looking, I found two rebate checks!!! One ($12) has been sitting on my desk since the middle of May and expires in August. AGH! The other one (it just came the other day $9.99) I tucked under my mousepad (of all places!) I guess for safekeeping. I really know better than this!!

I am going to have to work harder to be mindful of my actions, and live in the moment. Apparently I’m like the Absent Minded Professor.

My boss gave me a real bank bag last week so I’d have someplace to put our checks and money for deposits. I had better start using it. Yikes.

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