Easily Export a Report from Amazon on How Much You Bought From Them

Last month I wrote a post called Arizona Use Tax for Online Purchases pointing out that Arizona has included a line on the tax form for 2011 where we can easily pay our use tax.  Use tax is applied to purchases made out of state (online) for items which will be [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Arizona Use Tax for Online Purchases

Some Arizona taxpayers may get a surprise while preparing taxes this year. A new line has been added to our income tax form which requires you to state the amount of your online purchases and you are expected to pay use tax for online purchases.

Arizona has decided to get serious with enforcing a [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

I Only Made $600, Do I Have to Claim It?

I think there is some confusion surrounding the magic number of $600. I hear people say, “Well, I only earned $500 from that company, so I don’t have to claim it on my taxes.”

Usually this person works a regular job, with a regular paycheck . Let’s say they make $20,000 a year.  With [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

It’s Tax Time Again – How Are You Doing With Your Taxes?

I finally sat down this weekend and started to seriously look at our taxes. I know, I know! As a personal finance blogger, I should have had them done months ago! Unfortunately, I am still blaming the whole computer backup disaster for my troubles and tardiness.  What will my excuse be next year?  Probably [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

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