Investing for Beginners: When and How Much?

Investing can be a daunting venture, especially for those just starting out on the road to financial independence. However, it is never too early, and there is never too small an amount to invest. Making the decision to invest early on in life has great potential to earn you a profit later on in [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

My 2nd Snowflake

I do the company banking for my employer one day each week. I haven’t taken “mileage” for those miles for almost a year. In May my boss asked me to give one of our clients a ride home because her transportation could not give an estimated time of arrival. We get $0.48 per mile [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

My Very First Snowflake!

I sat down this weekend and figured out where we are financially. I’ve been trying to do this each evening, but there weren’t any receipts to enter for several evenings! Poor Mr. A got bit by a spider on the neck, head and arm last weekend and he was in bed sick for three [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

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