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Budget Details October 2014

One of my readers, Walnut, asked if I would share my budget. I have not shared my budget in a long time and it has definitely changed. I should say in advance that I will share my budget, and you are welcome to make suggestions but I feel like I am living very tightly already. When I was getting out of debt the first time it was much easier to live on an rigid budget. As I’ve grown older, I’ve… Read the rest

Dear Son, Please Be Wise With That Credit Card

My son AJ just got his first credit card. A mix of emotions washed over me when he told me about it. Pride. Fear. The feeling of pride came on initially because in spite of what ol’ what’s his name says I believe it’s important to have a good credit score. I mean really, how is someone supposed to save up $250,000 to buy their first home?  Even if they could find something for $50,000, how long would that take?… Read the rest

It’s Easy to Pay Your Bills… When You Have Enough Money

My mother came to live with us about six months ago.  She has a great deal of anxiety and it has been extremely difficult for her to pay her bills for the last couple of years because just the thought of writing checks and making sure everything gets paid stresses her out. She had a checking and savings account with a credit union but we soon found that it would be difficult to work with them since there are only… Read the rest

Easy Ways to Raise Cash for Faster Debt Reduction

The following is a guest post. Improving cash flow to slash debt has common benefits but unique challenges. The more money applied to principal balances now will save large sums of interest expense later.  However, increasing income in the short term may be more difficult for some than others. Thankfully, there are common expenses that can be slashed for most homeowners. The monthly savings provides money to accelerate paying off your debt or other financial goals. Here are a few… Read the rest