Do You Wear Pajamas?

My hubby got me a pair of pajamas for Christmas. Yes, I know we all agreed to buy each other nothing, but when I found he’d bought me something, I went and bought him a pair of slippers. And I also remembered something I wanted to get for AJ, and I already had bought a couple of Wii games for Big A. And besides, Mr. A’s mom said she was going to send us some money to spend on ourselves for Christmas.

So we’re basically big failures on the agreement. But if you look at it in the right way, we came out ahead.  The way I see it, if we agreed to spend $200, we would have surely spent that much and probably more.

Since we agreed to spend nothing, we spent much less trying to stick to our agreement. Get my logic?  😉

Well, anyway, back to my subject. I haven’t worn pajamas in years.  I have certain clothes that I wear to work, then in order to keep them unstained and to help them last as long as possible, I have other clothes I wear around the house. Usually shorts and t-shirts.  They are old and worn out and stained. And I could care less because we never have company over and besides they are comfy clothes. Sometimes I shower at night and put on clean shorts and t-shirt and then I wear the same clothes the next day. Or, sometimes I shower in the morning and continue to wear the same clothes to sleep in. This is on the days I get to stay home without having to leave the house.

I love the pajamas that my hubby got me, they are really pretty. I’m also really happy that he didn’t succumb to the television commercials and go and order some that I’m sure would have been a lot more expensive than these that he found on sale at Kohl’s.  I think he said he paid $12 for them.

Christmas Jammies

They are the tiniest bit snug, but they are very lightweight which is perfect for our weather here. It has actually been getting down into the teens, which then it gets down to the high 60s inside our home.  We have yet to turn our heater on since we’ve lived here.

But I was thinking about the pajamas, and if I wore a new pair every evening, or even every other evening, how much more laundry I’ve have to do.  I’m lucky that my weekly laundry (my clothing only) is only two loads (sometimes I can get away with only one load).  If I had to add in pajamas, I’d have that much more laundry to be responsible for.

I’m saving money on electricity and water by not wearing pajamas.  I think it could be considered frugal behavior.

What do you think? Pajamas, old comfy clothes or dare I ask it, nothing at all? 😉

Yours Truly,

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6 thoughts on “Do You Wear Pajamas?

  1. I love my PJ pants! Especially when you know you’re just schlubbing around the house all day, there’s nothing quite like that kind of comfort. I found a pair of PJ pants and a little top to wear with it for $12 total. I’ve been wearing them a ton. I also just wear my workout shorts or whatever, but it has been a little chilly around here so the pants are nice. Viva la PJ-revolution!


  2. I do wear PJ’s. I usually wear them 3 nights before washing. I’m in Colorado, so it obviously gets cold here. We let the temp drop down to 62 at night. In any case, I’m very cold natured, so I usually have layers on anytime I’m not in bed. Bbbrrrr!


  3. I shower before bed and put PJ’s on, so i don’t feel the need to switch every night. I have a lightweight pair of pants and a flannel pair that I just wear with any old T-shirt or tank top depending on weather. I just wash them with the sheets (usually about once a week).


  4. Nothing in the summertime–except panties. In the winter, I wear an oversize T-shirt and a pair of warm fuzzy socks.

    If I’m camping in the winter where it’s cold, I’ll wear a pair of sweatpants and a light sweatshirt, in addition to the socks. But it never gets that cold in the house. Plus a bed is a lot warmer than the ground.


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