Diversifying Financial Portfolios to Guard Against Risk

One thing we all can agree on is that nobody likes to be in debt. The anxiety and uncertainty that debt-fueled behavior causes is simply not worth it. There are many ways to guard against debt, or at least to minimize the effects of debt. These include establishing a well thought out budget, minimizing extraneous expenses, or eliminating them entirely. Most of us are on fixed income streams, in the form of wages or a salary. While it is difficult… Read the rest

Seven Tips to Save Money at Home

A penny saved is a penny earned. In today’s uncertain times, no matter how good your job and how secure your income stream, it pays to cut corners and save money. If nothing else, you could spend the money saved to splurge on something you really like. Here are seven ways to save money at home. 1. Opt for 4G Internet over Broadband One easy way to save money at home is by opting for 4G instead of your broadband… Read the rest
Climbing out of Debt

Things to Know About Balance Transfers + March 2017 Credit Card Update

It has been almost three years since I’ve posted a personal finance update to my blog. My youngest son AJ (27yo) and I were talking about our personal finances this morning. He’s doing a great job managing his credit cards and credit score. Talking to my son inspired me to write an update post. I’ve continued with making balance transfers every fall, moving the balance from one card to the next. Here are a few things I’ve learned over the… Read the rest
Credit Card on Keyboard

How to Get a Good Loan even with a Poor Credit Rating

Almost everyone has been there at one point or another – most of us have experienced running out of funds or not having a good credit score. And when you’re in need, it can be difficult to avail of the loan you require, as many lenders are unnecessarily strict about their conditions and requirements. You may be seen as a ‘high risk’ client, simply because you’ve had some bad experiences in the past. Traditional banks and financial institutions wouldn’t be… Read the rest