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Mobile: The Future of Funds Management

There’s absolutely no question that the future of banking lies in mobile innovation. But, how do mobile banking services play in for the general population? Let’s explore how people have used bank services through mobile devices in the past year, what this information says about the future of the banking industry and what it means for the consumer. Mobile Banking The United States Federal Reserve defines mobile banking as “using a mobile device to access your bank account, credit card… Read the rest

Bank Deposits Using Your Smart Phone

Banking is getting easier and easier.  Last week I stopped by the ATM to withdraw $40 to pay back my boss.  I’d forgotten my wallet at home the previous day and had to get gas on my way home.  As I was withdrawing my cash, I remembered I had a check that I needed to deposit.  I noticed on the screen there were simple instructions, basically all I had to do was sign the back and slide it into the… Read the rest
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I Just Lost $7,889

So yeah, about that nearly $8000 that I recently lost.  Well, I guess you can’t really say that I lost it because it was technically taken from me by my employer. Wait, that’s not exactly correct either.  My employer would have been happy to keep showing how much vacation I had accrued but our new auditor this year decided to make us compliant.  Hey, that’s what auditors are for, right?   I work for a non-profit agency and we pay our… Read the rest

How to Import Bank Transactions into Quickbooks

One of the most frustrating things I have experienced with doing Mr. A’s bookkeeping is the company which holds his credit card does not include options to download transaction in Quickbooks format. It is the same with his checking accounts through the credit union. You can download to Money or Quicken or Excel format, but not Quickbooks format. This means I have enter each and every transaction manually.  I have known about a program that could be used for downloading… Read the rest