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Tips for Getting Out of Debt

One of the nicest gifts you can give yourself is a clean slate. It is the kind of thing we all want, but few attempt, and still fewer accomplish. I have managed to get out of debt twice now, and it took me years both times. The question with which we have to wrestle is why it is so difficult to accomplish our goals. The answer is likely going to come as no surprise and will be unsatisfactory. Few people… Read the rest

Examine Your Utility Bills Every So Often

Do you get your bills and pay them without taking a second glance?  What if your bill is higher than normal?   Do you just assume it’s your fault and pay it? My mother came to live with me recently. She’s very ill and can’t live at her home but she is still paying the utility bills.  She’s also still paying for her rental washing machine. I wrote about that in 2008, and now the machine is sitting there unused. Well,… Read the rest

In Control of the Money? Could You be Accused of Abuse?

Handling money in relationships is so tricky – money issues are one of the leading causes of divorces, and yet all too frequently, a completely neglected topic of discussion in relationships until there is a tangible, major problem.  But this post isn’t a soapbox on communicating in relationships about money, it’s about what happens when one side handles it more than the other.  My question is: When one partner in the relationship controls the money, could it be ever be… Read the rest

Could You Make It on Food Stamps?

Bargaineering contributor Claes Bell recently explored this question in a post called Your Take: Could You Live On Food Stamps? Claes linked to a report at CBS News which stated that benefits were being reduced: [On Friday, November 1st, ] “…Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, benefits are set to fall for more than 47 million lower-income people — 1 in 7 Americans — most of whom live in households with children, seniors or people with disabilities. Barring congressional intervention,… Read the rest