Hidden Tricks Used in Balance Transfers

// This post comes to you from the NerdWallet.com team of personal finance bloggers, and experts in helping consumers compare rewards credit cards.

Hidden Tricks Used in Balance Transfers

If I remember well, the purpose of the CARD Act was to prevent the average American from losing his freedom to credit card companies. [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Guest Post: HELOC - The Solution for Paying Off High Interest Cards?

// Today I have a guest post from Tim Chen, founder and CEO of NerdWallet.com, a website that helps consumers to compare credit card reward programs.  Tim also educates consumers about credit cards and debt management at the Forbes Moneybuilder Blog, the Huffington Post, and the U.S.News.

HELOC – the solution for paying [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Guest Post: Overdraft Protection- Pros and Cons of Opting In

I’ve still been confused by the changes to overdraft protection on my checking account so here is a post from Trisha Wagner to help clear up any confusion. ~Mrs. Accountability

There have been many changes taking place in the credit card and banking industries in the past few years as a result of the [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Guest Post: Useful Tips To Qualify For A Mortgage After Foreclosure

Today I have a guest post from The Digerati Life. The Digerati Life is a personal finance site that offers tips and resources on saving, investing and debt management. Check out the site’s coverage of topics that range from reviews of high interest savings accounts to discussions on balance transfer cards.

If you’ve undergone [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

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