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An Accident, A Personal Injury & A Debt Situation – How I Recovered

The following is a guest post. For better part of a decade; my debt handling abilities have been pretty adequate. All of this changed with a single auto-accident (yes, St. Louis doesn’t have perfect drivers) and naivety shown by the insurance company. Everyone knows the importance of car insurance, but I guess only few are completely covered. In my case, an auto accident on East Isabella road not only damaged my beautiful Sedan, but also caused serious harm in the… Read the rest
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Why You Should Always Pay Yourself First When Budgeting

Today I have a guest post from Natalie who blogs at Debt and the Girl.   Natalie has student loans, a mortgage, and credit card debt and she is like many of the rest of us, just trying to get out of debt.  Here today is Natalie’s take on why we should always pay ourselves first when budgeting. Budgeting your money can be a very daunting task and can leave you running for the hills if you are not aware how… Read the rest
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Find a Credit Card That Works For You

The following is a guest post. Credit cards and chainsaws have a few things in common. Both can be very handy tools, but they can also inflict some severe damage if you use either tool incorrectly. The same advice applies to both. Be sure that you choose the proper tool for the job and follow all safety precautions. Here are a few things to consider when you’re trying to find a credit card that works for you. Your Spending Habits… Read the rest
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My Guest Post at Blogelina’s Summarizing My Experience With the 100 Comment Event

A few weeks ago I participated in an event at Blogelina’s and today she has graciously allowed me to guest post at her blog with my post 6 Things I Learned From Participating in Blogelina’s 100 Comments Event. The post I participated in the event was10 Things We Hate Spending Our Hard Earned Money On.  I had a lot of great comments which resulted in another post entitled 47 More Things We Hate to Spend Our Hard Earned Money On.… Read the rest