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Kindle Latest Gen retrofit for the M-Edge Guardian Case

Reading Books on the Cheap

Seems that lately my co-workers have caught the reading bug – probably from the new wave of Kindles and Nooks coming out.  We sometimes compare notes on our favorites during lunch.  Last week, one of my co-workers confessed she was spending about $50 a month on books, to which we all gasped and asked how she could possibly spend that much.  As it turns out she buys every book new from a local bookstore.  I did the math quickly and… Read the rest

My Credit Union Started Charging a Monthly Fee

Back in July 2010 my credit union began charging a monthly fee.  They would charge $5 and credit my account $2 so the final cost was $3.  This went on for about a year and then they always charged me $5 each month. I should have put in a call to them to ask about the monthly fee when they first began charging me but I figured it was only $3 a month (but $36/year!) so I didn’t bother.  I… Read the rest
9 Drawer Dresser Made from Real Wood

My New 9 Drawer Dresser Made from Real Wood

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time you know I’m much too frugal to buy a brand new real wood dresser.   I did some checking at Amazon and and found that real wood dressers are selling in the $500 to $1000 range.  This gorgeous dresser was sitting in one of Mr. A’s customer’s yard, on its way into a dumpster!  Mr. A asked his customer if it was going to be thrown away and the… Read the rest
Arizona Sunset

Pixlr Editor is a Free Online Photo Editor Very Similar to Photoshop

A couple of weekends ago my computer got infected with a virus and my son the computer technician battled with it for awhile but finally told me it would be more thorough and effective to simply replace my hard drive.  Cost effective to his way of thinking, since he was volunteering his free time to fix my computer.  Unfortunately his saving time/money caused me to spend money, setting me back eighty bucks for the new hard drive, not to mention… Read the rest