6 Issues You Can Avoid if You Have Yoga Instructor Insurance


Unfortunately, even the best intentions can end up backfiring if you are not careful. This is one reason most instructors who deal with the physical fitness of their students need to have a clause that protects them in the event of a lawsuit for alleged misconduct. While it might seem a little far fetched to think that it might happen to you, you would be surprised at how common some of the lawsuits can be.

For the most part, it is not enough for yoga instructors to have general liability connected to the studio they work with. Here are six issues you can avoid if you have yoga instructor insurance.

Fall-related injuries

One of the potential issues you can avoid if you have the right insurance as an instructor is a lawsuit connected to fall-related injuries. Considering that there is always the risk of slipping and falling while practicing yoga if you are not careful, you could be the subject of a lawsuit.

Not enough training

You can be sued for insufficient training based on any injury sustained by a student under your care. For example, if you are too rough and fail to help a student pace themselves during the practice, it could end up injuring them. The studio can also be sued for not having a policy in place that could have prevented the injury.

Dealing with improper adjustments

Unfortunately, not everyone is built the same way. While certain flexible poses might work for some students, it can be downright impossible for others to imitate. It could end with them suffering an injury worth going to court for. Aside from ensuring that you have the proper knowledge to practice yoga and aid your students in improving their flexibility, yoga teacher insurance is vital to avoiding the improper adjustment lawsuit.

Overall negligence

Negligence is not specific when it comes to the cause; only that particular issues could have been avoided if the yoga instructor was more careful. It can have something to do with the lesson or the materials and instruments being used.

Alleged misconduct

There is a lot of physical contact when it comes to learning yoga. Instructors need to take care to ensure that they do not accidentally push physical contact to unfortunate levels, as it could result in a lawsuit. Even a yoga instructor who had no intention of any questionable conduct can end up in the hot seat, which is why yoga insurance is necessary.

Unsolicited physical manipulation

Similar to improper adjustments, unwanted physical manipulation can result in your students becoming disabled if you are not careful. A yoga instructor without the right type of knowledge could end up unknowingly hurting their students by making them try an exercise they are not ready to tackle.

No matter the case, yoga insurance is compulsory, as you never know what could happen. To avoid tricky situations, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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