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I Challenge You To Donate $10 to Help a Fellow Personal Finance Blogger

There are some personal finance bloggers who struggle and continue to struggle. Jenny Decki’s current blog began in 2010 and she has shared a lot of the problems she and her husband have faced financially but today I learned something I did not know.

I did know the family has been facing foreclosure for quite some time now, Jenny has shared that with us at her blog: Jenny Decki – Not Your Average Finance Blog.

Jenny’s husband Randy has shared that he suffers from depression.  He doesn’t go into details, but I’m sure he’s not just talking about feeling a little down.  Depression can wreak havoc on one’s life and family. It is no laughing matter to be sure. It can take some people down for days, weeks or months to pull themselves up.  Thankfully I only feel depression intermittently and for me I recognize it as low cortisol caused by adrenal fatigue.  But I know people who spend months trying to dig their way out of depression and in the meantime, everything and everyone around them suffers.

Randy is doing better and is on his way to better income through an apprentice program, but it will be two years before he is making the standard wage for his position. In the meantime, they will soon be asked to leave their home due to the foreclosure.

The family is running a fundraiser to help cover the costs to secure a rental home and moving expenses.  Please consider helping this family get safely into a new home.

I donated $10 and wish I could afford more, but I am also a struggling personal finance blogger.  I challenge everyone who reads this post to donate $10 (or more if you feel so inclined). It feels good to help and every dollar counts. Please donate now and help this family.

Click here to donate:

Help the Decki Family

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4 thoughts on “I Challenge You To Donate $10 to Help a Fellow Personal Finance Blogger

  1. Thank you so much for sharing. I can assure you it’s not just feeling a little down. I’ve talked to him about seeing a professional but that conversation went pretty much nowhere. I’m thrilled that switching careers and feeling like he’s really making something important as a bricklayer (hospitals, schools) has been a great help. He still has bad days, depression never goes away, but there are more good days every year.

    ((Hugs)) I’m so glad I know you.


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