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I have spent the past two weekends attending Blogging Your Passion University.  This comprehensive online course was created in 2011 by co-founders Bob Lotich  and Jonathan Mulligan.  Bob and Jonathan are experienced, successful bloggers and in this video course share their expertise and teach you, step by step how YOU can blog YOUR passion.

If you are brand new to blogging, you will find Blogging Your Passion 101 to be extremely helpful and you will quickly get up to speed on how to start become successful at blogging.

If you are ready to grow your blog, Blogging Your Passion 201 is the option for you.

Read the course descriptions below to see which will best suit your needs at this time.

Even as an experienced blogger, I learned several new tips from going through this easy video course. There is quite a learning curve to blogging, and a ton of information on the Internet on how to blog.  If you are anything like me, you probably found it a little overwhelming, and not sure exactly where to start or how to proceed.  With BYPU, each video builds on the next in small steps, starting with the basics taking you through from setting up your blog, to how to use your WordPress dashboard, Google Adsense, making money blogging and much, much more. Once you’ve signed up for the course you have umlimited access to attend and can review the videos whenever you need a refresher, or maybe you’re like me and you find you learn something new by watching a second or third time.

Each module is broken into several sections with a video with each video running from four to fifteen minutes. Bob and Jonathan encourage you to watch a session and then spend some time actually following through with the steps outlined.

Blogging Your Passion 101

BYPU101 covers the following topics:

Module 1: Laying the Right Foundation

  •     How to Discover Your Passion – Part One
  •     How to Discover Your Passion – Part Two
  •     How to Pick a Good Domain Name (SEO Tips)
  •     How to Pick a Good Domain Name (Blog Branding)

Module 2: Setting Up Your Blog For Success

  • Why Self-Host My Blog?
  • How to Set Up Name Servers
  • How to Set Up WordPress
  • How to Convert from Blogger to Self-Hosted WordPress
  • How to Convert from to Self-Hosted WordPress

Module 3: Understanding WordPress

  • The WordPress Dashboard Walk-through – Part One
  • The WordPress Dashboard Walk-through – Part Two
  • Important WordPress Tweaks for Bloggers
  • Creating Your First Blog Post
  • How to Create and Edit Pages
  • How to Change Your WordPress Theme
  • How to Manage Blog Comments

Module 4: Essential Blogging Tools

  • How to Set Up RSS and Feedburner
  • How to Install Google Analytics
  • How to Create Email Addresses

Module 5: Important WordPress Tweaks

  • How to Use Widgets
  • What Are Plugins & Which Ones Are Best?
  • Special Video from Bob & Jonathan

Blogging Your Passion 201

BYPU201 covers the following topics:

Module #1: Getting Traffic to Your Blog

  • The Big Picture of Blog Traffic
  • Getting Your First 50 Visits
  • Creating a Facebook Page for Your Blog
  • Creating a Twitter Account
  • Getting Twitter Traffic
  • Getting Yahoo Answers Traffic
  • Getting Linkedin Traffic

Module #2: On Site Improvements

  • Fundamentals of Site Layout
  • Creating Your Blog Categories
  • How to Create a Contact Page
  • Creating an Awesome About Page
  • Create a Simple Email Subscribe Box
  • Benefits of a Customizable Theme
  • Finding Pictures for your Blog
  • Editing Photos for your Blog
  • Creating a Free Logo for Your Blog
  • Adding Social Media Icons to Your Blog

Module #3 Off Site Tasks

  • How to Autofeed Twitter and Facebook
  • Submitting to Blog Carnivals
  • 3 Things to Discover with Google Analytics
  • All About Guest Posting
  • Submitting to Blog Directories
  • Submit to Google/Bing Webmaster Tools

Module #4 Keyword Research & SEO

  • What is Keyword Research?
  • How to Do Keyword research
  • What is SEO?
  • How Search Engines Work
  • How to Get Your Site Into Google
  • 5 Important Things to Know About SEO
  • 9 Point SEO Checklist for Blog Posts

Module #5 Monetization Strategies

  • 4 Ways to Make Money from Your Blog
  • Getting Started with Adsense
  • Getting Started with Amazon
  • Getting Started with Commission Junction

Module #6 Content Creation

  • 6 Qualities of Successful Bloggers
  • Fear of Not Being Good Enough
  • Web Etiquette: 5 Things to Know
  • 20 Types of Blog Posts You Can Use
  • Using the Article Topic Ideas Spreadsheet
  • How to Add/Use an Editorial Calendar
  • Ideal 1 Hour Work Session

In addition to the online course, Bob and Jonathan also offer recommendations on their favorite products, and you can get your blog set up completely free of charge (even if you don’t sign up to attend Blogging Your Passion University).

I am an affiliate for Blogging Your Passion and when you click through my links to sign up, I will earn a percentage of each sale. Thanks for using my links!

Please click here to enroll in Blogging Your Passion 101.

Please click here to enroll in Blogging Your Passion 201.

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