Lugz Wheat Cream Gun Men's Brigade Fold Shoe

Review: Lugz Brigade Fold Men’s Winter Shoes

And now a first at Out of Debt Again. My dear husband, known to the blogosphere as Mr. Accountability or “Mr. A” has agreed to help me with a blog post today reviewing a pair of Lugz boots.

Lugz Brigade Fold

Since October 1993, Lugz has been creating shoes that are not only reasonably priced, but stylish and dependable.  The shoes are built with quality materials and rugged craftsmanship, and the boots from their newest men’s line “The Elite Collection” feature leather uppers and slip-resistant rubber soles.  To ensure comfort, each boot comes with a cushioned insole and padded leather tongue.

This pair of boots from Lugz is from “The Elite Collection” and is called Brigade Fold. This is a top of the line boot with a foldable collar, smooth suede outside and soft fleece inside.  This shoe is designed to keep your feet warm during the cold winter.  And right now, Lugz is offering a coupon for 40% off purchase of any style shoe.  Just use code JL40 in the coupon code box once you’ve placed your shoes in your cart.   Look to the end of this post for more information on how you can save or win a pair of shoes from Lugz.

Lugz Brigade Fold Men's Winter Shoe

These boots have been a big hit with Mr. Accountability, who has been wearing them for the past week.  Here from Mr. A in his own words:

I have never had a pair of boots as comfortable as this pair of Lugz.  Usually when it’s time for a new pair of boots I have come to accept there will be a break-in period of around two weeks before my feet no longer ache and the new pair of boots become my primary footwear.  I only wear boots, the same pair day in and day out until a new pair is required. However, I have not experienced any pain or even the slightest discomfort with my new pair of Lugz boots.  The type of work I do and the type of life I live requires me to wear boots.  I know from experience on the longevity of my boots that I will need a new pair every 6-8 months.  I care little on trying to keep them clean on the outside, I am only concerned with comfort and durability. That said, on the first day of my Lugz venture I splashed blood on the left boot. Right on the toe. I didn’t care at first, but remembered I had my new boots on and figured I should try to wipe the chicken blood off so it wouldn’t stand out so much since this was a brand new pair of Lugz.  I got a wet rag and just swiped the area twice and that was it. I couldn’t tell immediately if the blood came out because the area was damp from cleaning but later to my amazement once the boot was dry it was spotless, the blood stain completely gone.  I am pretty rough with boots and these Lugz can take a hit.  I am curious how long they will last. When I find something that works well and holds up to a lot of abuse I tell my friends and family.  They too are always looking for a product, be it a drill, saw, knife, or in this case boots, to replace an existing tool, etc.  It is a serious and long thought out process to replace a brand you’ve been using with another brand.  It really says a lot when a new product can take the place of a former favorite.  By far this is my choice of boots. Thanks for giving me this opportunity to try this pair of boots!

The Brigade Fold comes in three colors:

  • The color which Mr. A reviewed: Wheat/Cream/Gum
  • Charcoal/Grey
  • Black


  • Full Grain Nubuck Leather/Suede upper
  • Fleece lining
  • Cushioned insole
  • Padded tongue
  • Adjustable (fold-down) collar
  • Durable rubber outsole

Lugz Wheat Cream Gum Men's Brigade Fold Shoe


Lugz also has shoes for women and children, and they do have men’s steel-toed workboots.   Have you ever bought Lugz? 

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