Line of Credit Increased and Late Fee Assessed

Last weekend I was paying credit cards like I always do around the 15th of the month.  I was able to log into my Chase account, but they were doing some kind of maintenance on the site and balances, the option to pay, see statements, etc. was not available for the weekend so I thought I’d just make the payment in a few days, since all of my accounts are due in the first week of the next month. I had plenty of time.

So I thought.

This morning, on a whim I decided to open the Chase mail that arrived yesterday.  Oh goodie!  My line of credit has been increased to $12,500 from $9,500.  Not like I’m going to use it.

Then I saw that the bill had arrived, so I decided to have a look at it also.

I was a little more than annoyed when I saw that a late fee for $39 had been assessed!

I know how this happened. When I pay the bill three weeks ahead of time I sometimes loop into the wrong billing cycle.  I usually schedule this payment to happen around the 25th of the month, and I must have forgotten to do that last month.

However, since the Great Backup Accident of 2010 wiped out all my data during that time period, there is no way to know what I actually planned to do. I already can see what I actually did online, and that is made a payment on the 13th of June. If that payment had been made on the 25th of June, I would have been just fine. Instead, I ended up with two payments in the last billing cycle.

I had a couple of minutes before I had to get ready for work, so I decided to put in a call and see if I could alleviate the stress I was feeling due to being charged $39 for a stupid mistake. I know I haven’t paid late on this card, so I planned to ask and have the fee reversed.

I got a nice young man on the phone, I think he said his name was Hussein.  He spoke relatively good English and I explained my problem, and got right to the point and asked if I could have the fee reversed. First he gave me a little speech about all the ways that I could make my payment on time, I could make a payment by phone, he could send me the paperwork to set up an automatic payment, etc., etc., etc.  Finally he said he was reversing the fee that had been charged and it would take a few days to show up in my account.

He asked about taking my payment and I told him I could do it online, unless he just wanted to take the information for me. He said he could do that, so I made more than a double payment ($300).  I told him I would set up automatic payments immediately and I did right after I hung up.

I also asked to make sure my interest had not been affected. It is still at 8.99%.


I am going to make a point to make sure I have autopay set up on the remaining credit cards so this doesn’t happen again.

I hate when this happens. It makes me feel irresponsible! I will be sooooo glad when these stupid credit cards are paid in full!

When I make the final tally this weekend we should be in high $16,000 range.

Have you ever run into the problem of paying the bill too early in the cycle and had this problem?

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7 thoughts on “Line of Credit Increased and Late Fee Assessed

  1. When I double pay in a month on my line of credit, I always worry about that happening: having both payments credited to only one month. Luckily, I haven’t experienced that problem yet, but I’m glad to hear they quickly reversed your late charge and there were no penalties. Thank goodness!


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Little House, so when you pay two payments in one month on your line of credit, you then are not liable for a payment the next month? What if you paid four payments in one month? I think I have had a line of credit like this where I could get ahead on the payments. I have never seen it with a credit card. I thought this card was due in the first week of the month, but it’s actually due on the 15th. And in June, I was early making payments. I usually do that around the 15th, and on this card I am supposed to set it up to come out later in the month, around the 25th. I paid the second payment within the billing cycle on the 13th, so the cycle closed. Anyway, hopefully they shouldn’t spring something like that on you and change the method without telling you about it ahead of time… in the fine print.


  2. I try to pay our mortgage before it is due. Like, I paid it yesterday and haven’t even received a bill for August yet. Sometimes I worry they will make the payment as principal only or apply it some weird way that I would owe again. Thankfully that hasn’t happened! I’m glad you got your fee back!


  3. I am surprised that you could just set up autopay on the phone. A couple of years ago, I had to wait for a snail mail form to arrive and it took a good few weeks for it to get set up.


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Mr Credit Card, the guy did offer to send a form by snail mail but I declined. I set up the auto pay online after we hung up. I’m glad it doesn’t take weeks to get set up when done online!


  4. Yeah, I hate it when that happens. Back when we lived in Boston there was something wrong with the USPS so I just could not get a payment in on time via snail mail. After two months of calling up the card company to get fees refunded I switched to online payment. Of course, recently that didn’t go all the way through and it was a hassle to get it refunded. But they did eventually. Automatic payments are probably the way to go but I’m always worried about forgetting and overdrawing my checking account. That and we don’t formally budget or anything so having to pay the bills every month keeps me in touch with what we’re spending.


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