June Gardening – Tomatoes Galore!

I planted a 10 pack of Early Girl tomatoes in March and I was wondering why there were no red tomatoes yet.  Then one weekend morning I thought I spotted some color way down at the base of one tomato plant so I got down on my hands and knees and wonder of wonders, there were over a dozen beautiful red, ripe tomatoes at the bottom of the tomato plants, hiding from me!

Almost every single one of my eggplants survived the winter and grew back with a vengeance and I’m getting a couple dozen eggplants each weekend.  I planted some pepper plants and those are ready to harvest, and the cucumbers are growing also.

I have several watermelon plants that came up volunteer from last year’s crop, and there are three watermelons in the garden as I write.  The cucumbers are doing pretty good, the kind I planted was a Japanese variety.

My zucchini squash is thriving, in spite of the round tailed ground squirrels that threatened to eat all my plants.  Unfortunately, my blue Hubbard squash plant succumbed to something which turned all the leaves yellow and finally one day the whole plant was wilted (when everything else in that bed was perfectly fine, beautiful dark green and perky looking, weird).

I planted green beans and the plants have done well, and I keep seeing blossoms but no green beans.  I think this year I will try planting for the fall as I can’t seem to get any to grow in the spring (for two years in a row).

There are still a few Swiss Chard plants left, I am planning to pull them out of the ground this weekend and harvest every bit of them.  Swiss Chard is such a great vegetable to plant as once it gets going as long as you only pick a few leaves at a time it will stay alive for weeks, even months.  It can’t survive the hot summers here in Arizona though. Last year I tried to help the remaining plant survive the heat, but it finally gave up the ghost.  So this year I won’t try again, I’m just taking them out while they are still edible.

Do you have a garden?  How’s it doing?

Garden Harvest June 2010

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5 thoughts on “June Gardening – Tomatoes Galore!

  1. Wow! I love it when you post these photos of your garden produce! Sooo beautiful…

    I finally got rid of that sickly tomato plant in the pot. I think you’re right: they really do need to be in the ground to thrive.

    Last year I had a squash plant that did the same thing: was green and happy and had set fruit, and then it suddenly yellowed and croaked right over. Must be a disease around here that affects some kinds of squash.

    Some of the chard here is still alive, but barely.

    I cut back a leggy, going-to-seed basil plant, & that seems to have made it put out a lot of new growth, sort of the way roses do when you cut them way back. Planted some of its seeds, but so far no sign of babies.


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