Thanks Discover, You Can Stop Now

Back on March 30th, I wrote about how I’d called Discover to find out if they could lower my rates.  They said they couldn’t for my current balance, but they would be more than happy to give me a 3.9% promotional rate on any purchases made until October.

A few days later, I received a letter from Discover, thanking me for my continued loyalty, and that they were pleased to confirm my new promotional rate.

Then a couple days later, I received an exact duplicate with the same date.

To date, I have received EIGHT letters, all duplicates with the same date, confirming my new promotional rate.

I wonder how long this will go on?  I wonder how many other people are they sending duplicate letters to, simply to confirm the new rate? How many hundreds of dollars might they be wasting?

I’ll be so glad when we have this card paid in full.

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4 thoughts on “Thanks Discover, You Can Stop Now

  1. I had Chase do that to me too…

    And just today, I got to snail mail credit card offers from Wells Fargo for the exact same card?!? I don’t think the banks are going a good job of controlling costs…


  2. I used to have the old Chase Flexible Rewards Card (which is now converted to Chase Freedom). And back in the old days, they would send me promotional offers in the mail for the same card I have already have! They finally stopped and I think they are better at it now!


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