Review: Why I Love Print Friendly

You might have noticed a little button at the bottom of each of my posts that says Print Friendly on it. If you ever want to print a post from my site to read later, all you have to do is click on that little button.

Here are the reasons I love Print Friendly:

  1. Some websites and blogs are very unfriendly when it comes to printing.  Now I don’t have to copy and paste the article I want into Notepad or Word, alter the line format and finally print. All I have to do is copy the URL of the page, go to, paste in the URL and voila!
  2. Print Friendly automatically knows which things not to print most of the time; for example, the sidebar menus with advertisements, or the 120 comments left on the post. But if you want to crop out even more, Print Friendly allows you to do that. Just run your mouse over the paragraph you don’t want and click to delete (at the bottom).
  3. Print Friendly gives me the option to not print images with the click of a button.  Often all I need and want to print is the text, I don’t need the photos.

I would rather not print, but sometimes I need to.  With Print Friendly I don’t have to wonder how a webpage or blog article is going to print out.

I just think it’s a great little tool that allows me to print out little snippets of a post, like only the recipe on a post. I can easily crop out the commentary for the recipe. Or maybe it’s one of those pages where you print it, and only one page with a header shows up on the paper, or each frame prints onto its own piece of paper. Print Friendly works for those unfriendly printer pages, too.

Have you tried Print Friendly?  Can you add to my list of reasons to love it?

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