Display Widgets WP Plug-In Review

Display Widgets Plug-In
I haven’t shared any techie tips in a while but I found out about one today that I just can’t keep to myself. It’s a plug-in called Display Widgets. It allows me to include or restrict where my widgets will show up, by page or by category. I created a new category, named “exclusive” for this particular page setup (no ads at header or sidebars).

I use the free highly customizable theme Atahualpa. I needed a way to remove my BlogHerAds header ad up top, and also from the side in order to do 1) reviews for exclusive BlogHerAds 2) in the event I wanted to give exclusive ad rights to an advertiser on a review post or blog post. BlogHerAds restricts paid image ads, so I wanted to stay within my agreement with them.

I spent a day and a half agonizing over a solution, and finally this morning received a response back from Atahualpa forums moderator Juggledad.

He suggested Widget Logic, but there was a bit too much brain power needed to decipher needed PHP code. I was searching for tutorials on Widget Logic and came across a thread at the Atahualpa forums in which eventually someone suggested Display Widgets.

This is an amazing plug-in!!! I am definitely donating to this one as it has saved me a serious headache and heartache. You would not believe how frustrated I was yesterday, trying to find some way to omit the header ad and the sidebar ads.

Oh, and I also should tell you how I excluded Google Adsense from single posts.  I use another plug-in called WhyDoWork Adsense, which allows easy placement on single posts (or pages) and also allows me to exclude posts by number.

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2 thoughts on “Display Widgets WP Plug-In Review

  1. Thanks for all these links. I’ll have to check them out. Also, I love your new header and the revised site layout, it’s really clean.


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Thanks Little House! I really like the new look at your blog, too! I’ve been wanting to make a different look… actually I was debating on leaving the yellow flowers, and decided to take them off after you commented so you’ll have to let me know how you like the flower-less header. Thank you!


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