APS Offers $30 Rebate On Your Old Fridge

I wanted to share this information I came across over the weekend; maybe your utility company is doing something similar.  Arizona residents whose electricity is provided by Arizona Public Service are eligible for the APS Refrigerator Recycling Program.

Back in October 2009, I documented our discovery that old refrigerators and freezers do indeed cost much more to run than newer units.  We found by replacing a very elderly refrigerator with a much newer model that we would go from spending $25.20 per month down to $5.40 per month! I used my Kill-A-Watt to test the units and we were really amazed to see the difference in cost.

There are a few rules for eligibility and a FAQ at the APS site. You can turn in a maximum of two units, and they must be in good working order to qualify.

Have you ever taken part in a rebate like this one?

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2 thoughts on “APS Offers $30 Rebate On Your Old Fridge

  1. Interesting! I’ve not tried a utility company’s rebate, but in the past I’ve taken advantage of tax rebates for things like energy-efficient windows. Every little bit helps, I figure!


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Funny: I haven’t done any kind of rebate like that. I’ve usually found it was cheaper to just buy the item since the rebate usually requires some kind of specific purchase. Of course, this is just giving them your old fridge so doesn’t really require a purchase. We have double-paned windows and invested in the best tint from Home Depot. It really helps to cut the glare in the summer time.


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