How I Store My Receipts

Yesterday I shared the reasons why I keep my receipts. Now I’d like to share how I store my receipts.

I typically save my receipts long past the time I record them.  I used to toss all receipts into a shoebox but in 2008 I began using #10 envelopes to keep the receipts sorted by month. The receipts don’t go into the envelopes, until they have been entered into Quicken. This way when looking for a receipt I can do a search in Quicken for the item and narrow down which month to sort through.

As you can see in the photo, there are individual envelopes for each month. January goes to the back, with December at the beginning.

If you look at the front of the box, you will see the first three envelopes are not rubber banded, and the flaps are sticking up.  This is because while I’m entering receipts in say the month of December, sometimes Mr. A will have found a few more receipts from the previous months.  Sometimes I’ll even find some receipts in the new pile that go back to earlier months.  In that case I just slip the receipt into the rubber band of the envelope and then one day I just open each envelope and stick the receipt inside.

Receipt Shoebox

The receipts don’t go into this box until they are entered into Quicken.   Then if I need to locate a receipt I can do a search in Quicken and find the month it was purchased and go directly to that envelope.

As you can see, these are our personal receipts for 2009.  Mr. A’s business doesn’t have nearly as many receipts so I keep them in a small expanding file. It has 12 compartments, one for each month of the year and it has an elastic band which holds it together nicely.  I buy one of these every year and keep the receipts together in there.

If you keep your receipts, how do you store them?

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5 thoughts on “How I Store My Receipts

  1. I store my receipts in a larger envelope (the one the cell phone bill comes i…yay recycling!!!) and also label my month and year. I have a filing cabinet so the completed month goes into the file.

    I enter my receipts daily so I usually just stick them next to the computer monitor during the day. I enter all receipts before going to bed so I don’t worry about stray receipts.


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Lulu, kudos to you for recycling your old envelopes! I have got to start doing that, too. I wish I could be as organized as you, it would make my life so much easier! I haven’t decided yet where the old receipts will go. Hopefully this year I’ll get my office so I’ll have more room to work. Thanks for sharing, Lulu! Mrs. A


  2. My bills are filed in a “file” (ringfolder as they call it). But I’m always scratching my head as to whether I should keep the grocery bills, restaurant bills etc since I always charge them to my credit card and hence have a record. That’s one mighty box for a year’s receipt. Which deters me because how many years of receipt do you keep?

    Great organization BTW


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Mr. Credit Card, I’ve been keeping all my receipts for a long time. As I mentioned in my post, I used to throw them all into one box. Now that I’m using shoeboxes, I do feel more organized. Now if I could just extend that to the rest of my life! Right now I have them on a shelf in my work area. I think I might save seven years worth. Of everything. It’s easier to just save them all than go through and get rid of some. Don’t ask me why, I think I’ve just always heard to keep receipts seven years. It’s kind of silly since the receipts fade and you can’t even read them after a while. I’m sure I will probably rethink this after a while. Thanks for sharing! Mrs. A


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