Need A Small Dollar Item on Amazon?

How many times has this happened to you while shopping at Amazon? Have you, like me, gone to order one book, find a second one that you want and find that both books come to just a dollar or two short of free shipping?

I’ve wondered if there was some way to find something inexpensive to buy, to get my purchase over $25.00.  Usually I end up buying another book I want, and spending over $30.

Recently I found this neat site Amazon Filler Item Finder where you can put in the amount you have left to get your cart up to $25 and it will show all kinds of available items. This is a brilliant piece of coding which I hope is earning inventor Kris Brower a pretty penny.

Wisebread had an article back in March 2008 on this topic of filler strategies, and shared a way to narrow down your search while at Amazon. I haven’t tried that yet, but will definitely try it next time I’m shopping.

Wisebread also recommended a company which has pre-populated items.  For example, if you need an item for $1.25, the site lists a few items at that price. I wonder if the owner has since lost interest in updating the site as unfortunately when I tried it, the price of all the items I tried had risen significantly in price.  Today they had a book called 9 Things a Graduate Must Do to Succeed In Life listed as $0.37 but when I clicked on the item and got over to Amazon, it was $4.67.

Filler Item also offers a search option for – another of my favorite places to buy; however, most items that I’m interested in seem to qualify for free shipping whether they are over a certain amount or not. Recently I have purchased several items under $8, which were all free shipping.

I would like to bring to anyone’s attention who purposely chooses and uses an affiliate portal something I noticed about Filler Item.  First, you might be asking, “What is an affiliate portal?”  An affiliate portal is when you come to my blog before shopping at Amazon, and enter search words into my Amazon search box on my left menu bar.  It looks like this:

Amazon Search BoxWhen you start your Amazon shopping through my search box, I make a small percentage of anything you buy.  I cannot use my own Amazon search box to make my own purchases, that is against the rules, so when I make a purchase from Amazon, I start my shopping through other affiliate portals.   I have several sites I use, all personal finance bloggers, and I cycle through to give them all a little piece of the pie.

I like knowing that a little bit of my purchase goes to support my favorite blogger(s).   As I checked out Filler Item’s site, I recognized an affiliate code in each link.  There is nothing wrong with that, as I said earlier, the coding to make this site is brilliant, and this is how the inventor is making that “pretty penny” I mentioned.

However, if you prefer to have your little bit of purchase go to someone specific, I am pretty sure when you click on the link from Filler Item, the affiliate changes to Filler Item. Now I will most definitely put Filler Item into my rotation of affiliate sites, but I wanted folks to know if you thought you clicked through a specific site to give them the affiliate fees, then click through to Filler Item to find a small dollar item and click on Filler Item’s links, I am almost certain at that point you change the affiliate who will earn the fees.

The way I will deal with using Filler Item when I want the fees to go the blogger I’ve chosen, will be to use the search feature, and then search back at Amazon for the item, using the title of the item.

Filler Item is a pretty nifty search engine, one I’m sure will come in handy again and again.

Have you heard of Filler Item?   Have you used it? What do you think of it?

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