My Secret Santa Gift

I blogged last week about the gift I bought for the recipient of my Secret Santa gift.  Now I want to tell you what I got.  The package was REALLY heavy, it was about the size of a thick cookbook and I was really curious to see what was inside. Well, it was gourmet popcorn.  Red, blue, yellow and white kernels *and* a gift card for $25.

Both items were from Big Lots, a popular discount store.  I’m sure I’ll be able to find something there that I can use for $25.

Last Sunday night, AJ and I wanted to watch a movie, and so he popped up some of this gourmet popcorn.  Unfortunately, even though the container said “Best used by July 2010” the kernels hardly popped.  The popcorn burned and half the kernels just sat at the bottom of the pan. Luckily we had some Orville Redenbacher popcorn on hand, and AJ said he used half as much as the “gourmet” and it popped twice as much!

I decided to see if Big Lots would give me store credit for the popcorn, so I went to one of the stores to find out. No dice.  Their refund policy requires that you have a receipt, and the product must be returned within 30 days. The salesclerk said the best she could do was offer me the exact same item as an exchange.

So… I took the exchange.  We looked to see if the product was any newer, and it’s expiration date is the same: July 2010.

Now here’s my dilemma.  What do I do with this popcorn?   There’s no point in trying to pop it, I’m sure it is just as stale as the first box I got.  I can’t regift it, because that would suck to give someone popcorn that I know isn’t going to pop.

It cost TWELVE dollars.

I wish I could just get the darned receipt from my “Secret Santa” and exchange for something else!

The thing is, the guy who bought it for me is a big fan of Big Lots and is a bargain shopper and penny pincher.

I think he’d be bummed to know his twelve bucks is going to be thrown in the garbage.

He’d expressed interest in the popcorn, and whether it would pop red or blue.  Since I told him I’d let him know, I decided to also let him know that unfortunately the popcorn didn’t pop… I guess I was hoping he’d say, “Here’s the receipt, take it back and exchange it for something else.”

So what I did was I told him we tried popping the popcorn, and although the container said it should be good until June 2010, it didn’t pop. I told him I took it back to see if I could exchange it for some fresher popcorn, and I guess I’d give it another try. He suggested that maybe red and blue popcorn just doesn’t pop well as a general rule.  I told him I’d let him know how this batch turns out.

Okay but I don’t even want to waste the oil to try popping the stale popcorn.

So I guess I’m going to throw it away. I feel rotten about throwing away a twelve dollar item that can’t be used.  I guess the other thing I could do is give it back to him. At least that way he could take it back to the store and get his twelve bucks back.

Or just throw it away.

I feel like a ninny for even saying anything to him. You know the whole look the gift horse in the mouth thing.

What do you think I should do? Just throw it away?


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9 thoughts on “My Secret Santa Gift

  1. Toss the stale popcorn, it’s not worth breaking a tooth over. There is no reason you have to report back to your co-worker that the popcorn was bogus. You already told him that it did not pop. He did not offer to give you a reciept.

    I shop at Big Lots as well, one reason products like the popcorn end up there is that they are getting close to the end of their shelf life or the supplier knows its a medicore product. You have a gift card, use that to get something you want.


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Bouncing Back Betty, thanks for your feedback. I know. I know I don’t have to report back, you’re right. I just hate to see $12 go to waste. But I guess it’s his loss. Not much I can do about it. I already tried. Thanks again!


  2. I’d go back and see if they will give you store credit! That would be better. 🙂 Talk to the manager.


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Hi Mrs. Money! Yeah, I tried that. I guess I could try another Big Lots and see if the manager at that store would be more inclined to give me store credit. Good idea. Thanks!


  3. I’m pretty sure it’ll do as bird food. The idea of cracking it in the blender is good. Just be careful not to break the blender. Birds eat stones as part of their digestive process, so presumably if they can’t crack the seeds open themselves, the popcorn will just do whatever stones do for birds.


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Hi Funny, I’m a little behind on responding to my comments, but thank you for the information. I do have a wheat grinder, so I will see if it is capable of pulverizing the popcorn. I wouldn’t want to break it! I got it used, but it would be expensive to replace it. Thanks for your comment!


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