Red Roof Inn – A Thumbs Down Review

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AJ and I stayed at a Red Roof Inn over the weekend. We were attending our church’s annual conference in the big city and didn’t want to have to drive back and forth each morning and evening. The hotel where the conference was being held was charging $130 a night, and AJ had a good idea to check some other hotels in the area and see if we could get a better deal. He’d stayed in a Best Western for a weekend a couple months ago and really enjoyed his stay there for $75 a night.

So I did some research online and ended up choosing the Red Roof Inn.

I guess we didn’t do our homework well enough, because we assumed they would have a microwave and refrigerator in the room, but they did not.

I asked about the charge for the Internet, and they said it was $6 per day for the room. I explained we both had a laptop and the lady verified it was $6 per day for the room. Of course when we got to the room, it was $6 for ONE HOUR, but thankfully $8 for 24 hours.

If we’d reserved a room with one king bed, Internet service is provided free of charge, but double bed rooms you have to pay. Also, it was not for the ROOM, it was for each laptop connecting to the Internet. And you couldn’t even log off with one laptop, and log on with the other. So we paid for one 24 hour period, and shared AJ’s computer.

One of the beds was turned down, I guess this is to show off something about the bed (said that in the pamphlet) but ick, gross, there were no less than five black hairs on the white sheets. It looked like hair from a man’s hairy chest or back, or someone’s dog slept on the bed.

When we went up to our room, the hallway in both direction was lined with black boxes. AJ was going to get a picture, but hesitated when we saw the workmen come out of one room. Not wanting to be rude, he didn’t snap a picture. Turns out they were installing safes in every room. We didn’t leave anything of value in our room, at any rate! We took our laptops with us every time we left the room. Now before you folks who live in the big city start thinking we were staying somewhere on Van Buren, no, this was in Chandler.

The little card on the nightstand claims they’re STAYING RED BUT GOING GREEN. One of the “green” things they claim to be doing is using low usage shower heads. Uh, I have used those darned things, and it takes twice as long to shower, and the water does not gush out like it was in our hotel room. The knob on the shower was the kind where you turn it on and it’s on full blast cold, then you turn it to get to warm, then hot? Full blast the entire way around. No way was that shower head low usage.

On the keychain for the room key, they have an advertisement for Domino’s pizza. So I call the number and find out the specials, then order a pizza. When they find out where we are located, the guy tells us we’ve called the wrong Domino’s. I had to call a different one. I let the front desk know about that, and the guy let me know that the keychain he was looking at had the right number. Okay… but mine was the wrong number, guy.

And last but not least, it got pretty warmed up on Saturday. I thought I would go on down to the swimming pool and swim a few laps. The water was clean and sparkly and looked so inviting. Thankfully I tested the temperature with my toes first. FREEZING COLD. It must have been down to 50°F in that pool!

Now I know the economy is tanked and everyone is hurting, and we did only pay $119 for two nights. The saying, “You get what you pay for” comes to mind… but I guess in the future I will not consider staying at a Red Roof Inn. And I guess I will refer back to this post when looking to stay at a hotel for a day or two so I’ll remember what I’d like to have in a room (fridge, microwave, heated pool, clean bed, just to mention a few things).

Sorry Red Roof Inn, but I would rather give another chain a chance to earn my future business.

UPDATE: November 28, 2009: If you read the comments, you’ll see the day after I posted this review that one Larry Daniel responded in the comments.  On November 8th, I responded by email to Mr. Daniel from my personal email address.  Unfortunately I never did hear anything back from him, so I can’t help but feel the comment was an attempt to make future visitors think that Red Roof Inn had concern for my negative experience.

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3 thoughts on “Red Roof Inn – A Thumbs Down Review

  1. Hello Mrs. Accountability,
    I’m sorry to hear about your unsatisfactory stay at one of our properties. I’d like to have an opportunity to win back your trust in our brand. If you could e-mail me some specifics about your stay (property, a confirmation number and/or guest name) I’d like to follow up on your experience. You can use the e-mail address above.

    Looking forward to following up on this experience,

    Larry Daniel
    SVP Distribution Services
    Red Roof Inn


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Oh my goodness. Mr. Larry Daniel, Senior Vice President of Red Roof Inn Distribution Services? Sir, I will contact you by email. Thank you very much for your concern!


  2. Hello Mrs Accountability,

    I just saw your update to my post and I wanted to let you know I regret that I never received your e-mail (I checked my junk mail as well and I didn’t find anything). Could you double check my e-mail address and try again? As an alternative if you don’t find an error in how that was entered, please contact our Guest Relations Department at 800 554 4555 and ask to speak with a supervisor. Our supervisor on the team is aware of your post and will be able to follow up.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Larry Daniel


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