$600 Later, My Car Runs Again

Sheesh!!   So it ended up that the coolant temperature sensor that was broken by a previous mechanic, that Mr. A replaced (instead of complaining to the mechanic) was defective.

When your coolant temperature sensor is defective, it will cause your car to have a “hard start” which apparently also will cause it to die when you come to a stop, or not start at all after you’ve driven the car for any length of time.

In the process of trying to get the vehicle to start time and time again we caused the starter to go bad, which in turn fouled the spark plugs.

The spark plugs, we are told were platinums (replaced by the previous mechanic as well) and the “book” says don’t use platinums. When the current mechanic told Mr. A that he said he knew that’s what the Chilton’s he has said, but he figured the previous mechanic knew something he didn’t.

Anyway… the starter cost $400 to replace. The spark plugs were $114. The defective sensor was “warranteed out” by the company from whom it was purchased and the labor to put the vehicle on the “check engine light” machine, and change out the defective sensor was just under $60.

My vehicle was in the shop from a Wednesday afternoon, to the following Tuesday.

I’m so glad it’s running good again.

Mrs. Accountability

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