Another Garden Update

My dear readers, I am so sorry for all the gardening posts for those of you who come here to read about personal finance and see if we’re ever going to get Out of Debt Again!

I promise I will soon get back to the discussion surrounding personal finance, but to tell the honest truth much of my spare time is being spent gardening! I have 18 baby tomato plants that need to be planted outside in just ten short days. That means 18 holes need to be dug, prepared with soil enhancements, and lined with chicken wire. My target planting date is Valentine’s Day. My eggplant babies will be ready to go out by March 1st, and I have ten of them started! I also started some watermelon seeds from 2004 (or was that 2005). And I have more seeds on the way: cucumbers, squash, corn and green beans. Those can all be planted by February 14th, which means I need to ready another full bed and underline it with chicken wire to protect the plants from the gophers.

I am still feeling lethargic and have a lingering cough from being sick with a cold that exacerbated my asthma to the point where I had to go on prednisone to stop the wheezing (I hate taking allopathic medications!). My doctor tried to get me to go onto antibiotics, but I resisted. I gave myself two days to see if I’d get any better, and took natural antibiotics instead. Allopathic antibiotics are so harsh on our bodies, killing the good and necessary bacteria along with the bad. Natural antibiotics can take longer, but are more gentle and less damaging to our systems.

So, back to gardening… my tomato plants are growing like wildfire in my bathroom seed cage. I have more mystery plants on my hands. I think I have four pepper plants instead of tomato plants.

Look how big this tomato baby is getting! Just 14 days ago they were barely sprouting! Can you believe two weeks has passed by so fast. Wow. Time is just flying by.

Here is the mystery “tomato” plant. It looks suspiciously like a pepper plant to me. It doesn’t have the characteristic tomato smell to it either. I would suspect eggplant, but all the eggplant babies are much tinier than the few that look like this. I love the idea of mystery plants – this could be bell pepper, or hot peppers, miniature peppers or a big bell pepper. Or maybe it’s not even a pepper plant at all!

I transplanted all of the babies into bigger containers on Sunday evening (the 1st of February) and they are just flourishing! In this next photo you can see mostly eggplant babies in the first couple of rows, and tomato babies in the back row. The empty containers in front contain Hyacinth Bean Vine seeds, which take up to 3 weeks to germinate. My curiosity got the best of me tonight and I dug through the seven containers to find that so far only one seed has germinated. I hope at least one more comes to life.

Here is the other side of the seed cage. Mostly tomato babies, with the mystery plant in front there. I planted Black Krim tomato seeds, but one is coming up something else.
If you look at the yellow box, you might recognize that as washing soda. I have yet to make the homemade laundry detergent, but have that on tomorrow’s TO DO list.

See you again soon!

Yours Truly,

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  1. Thank you for letting me know you do like to hear my garden updates, Tammie! I am tracking my gardening expenses, so I just need to keep track of what I harvest from the garden. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Have a great day!


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