Our Trash Company Clearly Wants Out of the Business

I blogged about our trash dilemma and promised an update.

Mr. A looked into the other company and we were thinking about switching. The only thing that made us uncomfortable is the competitor empties the 90 gallon cans by hand. With our current company, we don’t have to bag every single thing that goes in, but we would with the new company. So we debated a while, and finally I asked Mr. A for his decision. He said maybe we should just stay with the current company another three months and decide then.

So I was late making our payment of $104.00. The day after I sent the check, we get a notice in the mail that our service has now been suspended due to non-payment. And the amount due is $108.00. Our garbage won’t be picked up until they receive payment in full. I could have sworn the amount due was $104 and went through my files and found the postcard bill they send. Yep, $104. I guess I’m just supposed to assume the extra $4 is a late fee? Agh.

This really aggravated me, and I called the competitor myself, because Mr. A was quite sure if they really unload the cans by hand. I guess after the first of the year, they changed their prices and are now up to $40, and yes, they do unload the cans by hand. The gal I talked to said her husband is the muscle of the business. So we will save $8 a month by staying with the current company. Normally they are not such a source of irritation!

Wednesday is garbage day. Mr. A only took out one can to see if they would pick up, and they did.

I am planning to get hold of the owner of the company and let them know how displeased I am with their customer service. If the other company had remained at $35, I would have canceled my service with our current company, and went for the other guys.

Yours Truly,

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