Saver/Value Village Free Coupon Calendar!

Is there a Savers or Value Village in your area? If yes, head on over to the Savers website and fill out the year end survey. When you complete the survey, they’ll ask for your address which you need to complete all fields, and they’ll send you a 2009 calendars with coupons valued over $200. Hurry, the survey deadline is January 2, 2009.

I bought one of these calendars last year for $2.00, if you shop at Savers a lot this is a great deal.

The front page is a flash screen and if for some reason the survey doesn’t show just click on the little round button #1 that I’ve pointed to with a white arrow in screenshot image above.

If you are a new shopper to Savers (or any thrift store for that matter), here is a great list of tips on how to get more out of your shopping experience: Top 10 Thrift Shopping Tips.

Savers have been around for a long time! I would shop there for my boys fifteen years ago. I discovered if I shopped OFF SEASON, I’d be much more successful at getting the clothes I was looking for. I shopped for winter clothes during the summer, and summer clothes during the winter. I remember one time when the boys begged for Power Ranger swim trunks. They loved the Power Rangers so much, well, actually Big A still loves the Power Rangers. But I went ahead and bought them Power Rangers swim trunks from Kmart this one year. I was very disappointed when the seams were ripping out and the “underwear” portion had runs. They were such low quality. Nothing like the good quality shorts I’d been paying less for at Savers!

I also made a point to shop in neighborhoods that were more upscale, I definitely noticed a difference in the inventory from the Savers in better neighborhoods. I do love to check the crafting section whenever I visit one, just to see if I might find some expensive yarn marked down to nearly nothing.

Do you like to shop thrift stores?

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