Electricity in August 2008

We used slightly more electricity this bill than last year at this time. However, notice that our bill was for 30 days this year, but only 29 last year which actually made our daily average usage less this year than last. Again, I’d rather see it go down a little bit, than up a bunch.

07/21 to 08/20/2008
30 days
On Peak Usage 1536 Kwh
Off Peak Usage 2141
Total Usage 3677
Monthly Bill $416.17
Daily Average $13.87

Last year:
07/24 to 08/22/2007
29 days
On Peak Usage 1536
Off Peak Usage 2072
Total Usage 3608
Monthly Bill $410.01
Daily Average $14.14

I’ve run a test on the electronics plugged in for my computer using the Kill-A-Watt.

It costs us $0.13 per kilowatt for on peak usage and $0.05 per kilowatt hour for off peak usage. In 14 hours and 51 minutes, I used 5.87 kilowatt hours.

Just for the sake of ease, let’s make that 15 hours, and 6 kilowatt hours. Even though I had it plugged in from 6:30am and 6:30 to 9am would be the off peak rate, let’s just use the higher rate.

So my usage on the computer today, with all the peripherals, and a lamp plugged in cost me $0.90. So about $1.00 each day, $30.00 each month.

I’m not sure why the “Watt” number is so high. This guy reviewed and demonstrated the Kill-A-Watt but his “Watt” number was only 34. He says that is the active power. It is possible that 352 is my active power. It was fluctuating, moving up and down as I was trying to photograph it.

Oh and did something really stupid on the day I ran these tests. I steamed some fresh spinach for myself around 9am and then pushed the skillet to the side so it was tipped up and I could drain the liquid off the spinach. After the liquid was drained, I spooned my spinach from the skillet into my bowl, left the kitchen and went to my computer. About an hour later it felt like it was getting so hot and stuffy so I set up a fan. That’s not unusual since we keep the thermostat at 81°F during the more expensive (nearly 3x as much) on peak hours. Around NOON, I went into the kitchen only to discover the cast iron skillet tipped on the burner was burning hot, as DUH, I’d left the burner on! For three hours, on Friday, during ON PEAK hours. I felt really annoyed with myself.


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