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I’m sore. My triceps hurt, especially in my left arm. I have a visible bruise on the ball of my right palm. I called the mall management today, and I explained to the lady that I had fallen in a pothole at the mall yesterday. I told her I hear all the time about how people sue the malls and stores for slipping and falling, and I told her I didn’t want to do that, I just wanted to know if they could maybe help me with getting a new pair of glasses since mine were pretty dinged up and had a big scratch right in the line of sight on my right eye. She said, “I think they can probably help you out with that.”

My mother-in-law and Mr. A told me they have a family member who has several times gotten money for falling in a store, like $5,000 and $15,000 and my own mother told me she tripped on the sidewalk outside Walmart and was awarded $2000.

I don’t want to sue the mall! I would very much like to have a bit of compensation for replacing my glasses. Yes, it’s MY fault that I wasn’t looking where I was going, but I did fall in a pothole in their parking lot. What if I was a blind person?

I called back a second time and got a different lady. She called Pete and then came back on the line and told me actually he was writing up something (a report? a claim?) for me but was unable to come to the phone.

My gut feeling is they are trying to put me off in hopes that I’ll forget. “Pete” probably gets the weekend off, and Monday, so Tuesday is the next time I could call them. Or maybe Pete doesn’t even exist? She did send me through to his voicemail and the greeting was a different name than Pete.

I made the Spinach and Eggs, it’s cooling as I type.

I got my old GeoCities website downloaded, and uploaded to its new home. Whew. That was a big chore and I’m glad it’s out of the way. Now I just need to figure out how to downgrade my account so they will stop charging me $4.95/month. I am so pleased with myself.

I made an appointment with the new ISP, they are coming out next Friday to install the antenna for the broadband connection. I talked with a representative, and he says we’ll actually be getting the Deluxe Service, which will give us speeds of up to 4mbps. We’re putting together a list of questions, for example we need to find out what our bandwidth limits will be.

Here’s a photo of the Spinach and Eggs. This is a very tasty dish.

I have also decided I will be using the new ISP email address as little as possible.

I’m beginning the process of changing all my accounts to look at a different email address than my current ISP because they say as soon as my account is deleted my email address will cease to exist. I could downgrade the account to basic, but I’ll still be paying $49.95/month. Just for the email address… that reminds me, there is the problem of Mr. A’s email address being wrong on his business cards. I don’t think it would look professional to just scratch out the old email address and write in the new one.

Yours Truly,

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