Electricity Update June’s Usage

I am pleased to report the programmable thermostat has helped us to save money on electricity for the month of June. In June 2007 we used 3410kwh and last month we used 2775. Since our air conditioner is our biggest electricity hog I am sure using the programmable thermostat, plus everyone in the family becoming willing to withstand 81°F in the daytime has helped our usage to go down.

1230kwh on peak
1545kwh off peak
2775kwh TOTAL

The electricity bill came to $341.29.

1520kwh on peak
1890kwh off peak
3410kwh TOTAL

Last year the bill for June was $359.75.

We used 290 less on peak kw hours, and 345 less kw hours. But as you can see we only saved $18.46. The price of electricity has gone up in the last year.

The only problem is the thermostat keeps losing its programming. I am going to read over the user’s manual again and reset it, and replace the battery in case that is the problem.

We tried keeping the unit at higher than 81°F but it is just too hot. It is tolerable during the day. We can’t sleep at night when it’s 81°F and we do use fans to help circulate the air. We were keeping the unit at 76°F at night with hopes of starting the house out at a cooler temperature for the day but it doesn’t seem to help all that much. So I think I am going to set the thermostat to 78°F and see if it is possible to sleep at this higher temp.

I’m looking forward to seeing how we do next month as July is typically the hottest month of the year.


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2 thoughts on “Electricity Update June’s Usage

  1. That’s so great that you’ve seen a reduction in your usage!

    You might have mentioned this in a past post (sorry if I missed it) but why is your electric bill so high? Do you live in a tropical climate? Or maybe a huge house?

    I’m just curious if this is a summer-only thing or if you have some relief during the winter. I hope you do!


  2. Hi Kacie, we live in the desert in rural Arizona. We live in a Cavco manufactured home that is 1248 square feet. It appears to be well insulated because during the winter (we’ve been here since 2002) we have never turned on the heater. It even got down to 8°F in January 2007 but the temperature inside our home was tolerable. I think it was around 53°F in the house that day. We are on the year round payment plan and the electricity company adds up our usage for the entire year, divides it by 12, adds a small percentage as a buffer and we pay a set amount ($334) each month, year round. So we don’t really get any relief. You can read more about our electricity situation by clicking on the electricity label at the end of the post. Thanks for visiting and commenting!


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