I’m Going to Start eBaying Again

A couple of weeks ago I thought I’d give eBay another try. After all I have all this stuff laying around that “might be worth something on eBay”.

I researched a broadband router that I’d bought from my old boss about four years ago. It looked like several had been bid on and sold recently for around $10. I paid $40 for the thing but I figured I may as well try and recoup some of the money I’d put out. I’d never gotten it hooked up and then we got satellite Internet so we didn’t need it any longer.

I added an extra dollar for handling, thank goodness as the darn thing went for my starting bid of $0.99!! Dumb! I should have just started it at $9.95. After I paid for the fees at both eBay and PayPal, plus shipping, I was actually in the hole!

I used to eBay quite a bit, but I had a bad experience. It was with a lady who bought a lot of dolls. It’s a long stupid story; I’ll spare you the details. Suffice it to say I got burned out on eBay for a while. Well, let’s say four years ago is the last time I eBayed with any regularity. I also used to sell books on Half.com. That’s not too intense.

I’m starting to think it might just be easier to take this stuff to Goodwill or Saver’s, and be done with it. If I can just remember to fill a box, and then take the box with me when I go to town.

I really do enjoy eBaying, what with packing and shipping items. I think I could do well in an eBay business.

Oh… I actually recently fell for one of those eBay “Get Rich” CD offers. It was only $12, so not too much harm done.

My True Confession is I bought this not even three weeks ago. It is mostly articles about how to sell on eBay. I haven’t looked at all of it yet. I’ll let you know when I start getting rich. :-/

Anyway, I was planning to snowflake any money I make off eBay to our debt. I will try again soon.

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1 thought on “I’m Going to Start eBaying Again

  1. My wife also uses freecycle… http://www.freecycle.org/

    it has allowed us to send stuff we wouldn’t use on down the line, and let somebody else get some good out of it…

    of course, Goodwill is an excellent program to give to, but for the things that Goodwill won’t take, freecycle might be an option…


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