5 Years Worth of Deodorant – Only $5 Bucks

How much do you spend on deodorant and/or anti-perspirant each year?

First of all, do you know that anti-perspirant is actually bad to use? I don’t remember there ever being a time when I wasn’t looking for deodorant and avoiding anti-perspirant.

Nowadays I don’t have to look too hard, since I use a deodorant stone. This is the one I’ve been using for the past FIVE YEARS. I use it daily, and it has slowly dwindled down to a small stone but it is still perfectly useable. Amazon’s description says it will last for up to one year, but mine has lasted me for the past five years. I don’t remember what I paid for it, but Amazon has it available for under $5.00. You might try looking for it at your local drugstore to avoid shipping costs.

The way the deodorant stone works is the mineral salts of which it is made, reduce the number of bacteria on the skin. If you tasted the stone, it would be very sour, like a lemon. Less bacteria, less smell. It helps to start out with squeaky clean skin. Our chiropractor years ago recommended washing underarms with soap and rinsing three times, and drying carefully. Then you wet the stone and rub onto the complete underarm area.

It will sting if I’ve just shaved my underarms, but the stinging goes away very soon. After all it is a salt, which would hurt microscrapes from shaving.

The deodorant stone works wonderfully for reducing the smell of stinky feet and I’ve even used it in other areas to reduce odor.

I really recommend this brand that comes in a holder. I have used the stones that really look like stones, but they don’t last as long and become hard to hold sooner.

When I bought this item new, the stone was sticking up 1/2 inch above the top of the container. Now as you can see it has dwindled down to a fairly small stone. I still keep it in the container, I just have to take it out to use it. I’ll need to purchase another one soon.

How much have you spent on deodorant in the past year?

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2 thoughts on “5 Years Worth of Deodorant – Only $5 Bucks

  1. i think if the deodorant stone works for you, keep using it (it sounds like a great idea). but i do want to point out that the site you linked to about antiperspirant being bad has some inaccurate information on it…


  2. Thanks for your comment! There is a lot of information on that page – are you referring specifically to the information regarding antiperspirant or something else on the page? Would you care to elaborate? Regards, Mrs. A


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