Paying Off That 14.24% Credit Card

FINALLY! I’m doing it today!

I’ve just transferred $4000 on the Citicard to the Chase card, and I’m about to pay the balance of $3909.19 from my checking account.

I printed out the statement and noticed the APR has gone down to 12.99%. It kind of freaked me out to see that it had dropped. The interest was lower for the month as a result. $87.84.

As I was going through the balance transfer process at Citicard, the instructions said I could transfer money to four different institutions. So if anyone else is using this card, you will probably have the same option. I initially thought I’d only be able to use the zero transfer balance fee for only the first transfer. It really doesn’t matter at this point, as they only gave me $4000 and the amounts I wanted to transfer were larger.

Okay, I just hit “Make Payment” at Chase, to have the money transferred from my checking account to the credit card.

Here are the posts documenting this process:

  1. I didn’t quite make my goal to have the balance transferred – I set a goal for myself on January 16th to move the money over within 30 days.
  2. I mulled over the process here: Transferring credit balances to that 0% Credit Card.
  3. I finally applied for the card here: I Finally Did It! — 0% Interest

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