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Mr. A and I used to carpool to work when he had a “regular” job but now that he has his own business I’ve been driving myself. Occasionally it still works out for us to carpool so we did that today.

When we were close to my job, he mentioned he’d watched Dave Ramsey the other night and the show was about a lady who was fully in charge of the finances and she felt she’d made a mistake with loaning money to one of her children. I guess she hadn’t told her husband yet and thought he might be upset with her for it. Ramsey told her it was only 70% her fault, but 30% of the fault was her husband’s. She asked how was that, and Ramsey said because the husband had laid all that burden on her for their finances.

Mr. A told me he hadn’t realized it was that big of a deal and he guessed it was time for him to start participating more in our finances. I told him I would really appreciate that.

I explained that it used to be that I had two credit cards to track, and two checking accounts. Now there are three checking accounts, his secured line of credit card, two credit cards and two savings accounts. That’s a lot of different accounts to keep track of.

When he started using the secured card for gasoline purchases, I gave him a check register for tracking the purchases. Mr. A mentioned that he hadn’t put down his gas purchases yesterday, because the register was in the vehicle I drove, instead of with him.

I have suggested that perhaps he should start carrying a briefcase or something similar. This way he could keep his invoices and receipts, check register and log book in one place and carry it with him so he’ll have it whichever vehicle he’s driving for the day.

It will sure be nice to have more participation from my better half.

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