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Ways to Stream for Free or Cheap

As more consumers are cutting cable, I thought it would be interesting to compare a few free and cheap sites for online streaming of television shows and movies.  Below are some of the more popular websites – it’s pretty overwhelming how many choices there are, but there is quite a bit of overlap! Netflix – For $7.99 monthly, you can purchase unlimited streaming from Netflix online.  Pros include no ads, but notably Netflix’s TV shows always seem at least a… Read the rest

6 Tips for Saving Money When Eating Out

I know in this fast paced world we live in today it’s a challenge to eat every meal at home.  Sometimes you simply run out of time so if you have to eat out here are some tips for saving a buck or two on every bill.  If every penny counts…every dollar counts a hundred times more! Tip #1:  Pick a place that’s convenient. Save on gas money (or taxi fare) by going to a restaurant near you.  Balance the… Read the rest

Saving Money on Coffee at Your Business

I’ve been working for the same company for thirteen years.  For the first decade I didn’t have much to do with ordering but some people have left, position duties have shifted and my boss has been handing some tasks over to me.  I wrote before about ordering from Costco business which has been a huge time saver.  I actually used to do the shopping in person – for huge amounts like 10 cases of soda, 15 cases of bottled water,… Read the rest

Are Extreme Couponers Ruining It For the Rest of Us?

Years ago I used coupons faithfully.  I was a stay at home mom making ends meet on an extremely tight budget, and I had a vehicle to get around in.   This was back in the day when you got your Sunday paper, clipped your coupons and sorted them into a coupon folder.  This was back before you could download coupons from the Internet, and before coupons were spit out with your register receipt. Things are different nowadays.  There are many… Read the rest