When to Upgrade… And When Not To

I think it’s so easy to get swallowed up by the promise of upgrades – of getting larger meals or longer warranties or more discounts – that it becomes hard to decide whether or not paying for upgrades is logical.  Firms know this, which is why they often spring these offers last minute or [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

10 Reasons to Check Out Used Clothing Stores

I LOVE shopping at thrift stores.  I’ve written about thrift store shopping before here at Out of Debt Again and it seems thrift stores are gaining a bit of popularity with the younger crowd – thanks to Macklemore’s Thift Store – (link goes to the video but please be aware that there is profanity [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Saving Money on Food

Superstition Ranch Market

Here at the blog I have a recipe category and I’ve shared some of my frugal recipes.  For example, I shared how to make salsa for about $1 per quart.  If you buy salsa and hot sauce you know that is quite a bargain.

The best way to save money on your food [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

How To Shop At Thrift Stores

Emerald Dress

The first time I remember shopping in a thrift store was when I was about fourteen years old.  As the oldest of seven, and the first grandchild, there were no hand-me-downs from older siblings or cousins.  That meant my clothes were usually “new” but rarely were they brand new.  With seven children, there’s not [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

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