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10 Reasons to Check Out Used Clothing Stores

I LOVE shopping at thrift stores.  I’ve written about thrift store shopping before here at Out of Debt Again and it seems thrift stores are gaining a bit of popularity with the younger crowd – thanks to Macklemore’s Thift Store – (link goes to the video but please be aware that there is profanity in this song) and I wanted to share my favorite 10 reasons that you should check out used clothing stores. Sizes.  Because the clothing is all… Read the rest
Emerald Dress

How To Shop At Thrift Stores

The first time I remember shopping in a thrift store was when I was about fourteen years old.  As the oldest of seven, and the first grandchild, there were no hand-me-downs from older siblings or cousins.  That meant my clothes were usually “new” but rarely were they brand new.  With seven children, there’s not a lot of new clothes shopping done, at least there wasn’t in my family.  Ours was a blended family… my mom had me and my two… Read the rest

When Will Market On the Move Resume?

Arizona has a great project designed to save unwanted produce and feed the hungry. It’s called Market on the Move.  Local churches provide a place for the delivery and church members help to load up consumers who are looking for a way to get some more healthy food for their family at great prices. Last March was the first time I’d heard about Market on the Move, and I decided to check it out. I wrote about it here: Vegetable… Read the rest